Top 7 Best Snorkel Gear Reviews 2019


Snorkeling has become a popular outdoor activity in recent years. It’s a great way to exercise and enjoy the underwater world.

However, constantly leaking or fogging mask will ruin your snorkeling. If you do not wish to let that happen, then you need to choose your snorkeling gear very carefully.

There are many essential features you need to check before buying any snorkel set. One such function is a one-way valve in snorkel which will prevent the salt water from coming into the tube.

To help you choose the best snorkeling gear we have created this fantastic guide so you can make a better buying decision.

If you like to swim using a traditional dry snorkel in mouth, then we have reviewed some of the best snorkel sets in our list. However, if you are a beginner or do not want to swim all day keeping the snorkel in your mouth, then we recommend the full-face snorkel set that will reduce the jaw fatigue and enhance your snorkeling experience.

Brand Image Available Sizes / Color Check Price
Cozia Design
2 Sizes / 3 Colors
4 Sizes / 6 Colors
2 Sizes / 1 Colors
U.S. Divers Cozumel
5 Sizes / 3 Colors
3 Sizes / 10 Colors
Phantom Aquatics
2 Sizes / 8 Colors
U.S. Divers Starbuck III
3 Sizes / 5 Colors

1. Cozia Design Snorkel Set with Full-Face Snorkel Mask and Swim Fins

Cozia Design Snorkel Set with Full-Face Snorkel Mask and Swim Fins

If you don’t want to swim using a traditional snorkel in your mouth then we recommend this snorkel set that comes with full face snorkel mask and fins.

The traditional snorkel increases the chances of getting jaw fatigue if not made out of specially designed material. Besides it is frustrating to keep the snorkel in your mouth all day long which ruins the fun of snorkeling.

By using this full face snorkel mask you will easily be able to swim for a longer period of time. One of the biggest advantages of this snorkel mask is that now you don’t have to wear mask and snorkel separately.

This innovative full face snorkel mask offers the impressive wide view of 180 degrees, and it is fitted with an anti-fogging viewing window.

Aside from that, the silicon face padding comfortably sits on the face giving you the watertight seal. In order to get the watertight seal, we advise you to get the right fit for your face otherwise the water will leak from the sides.

At the back of the snorkel mask, you will find an adjustable strip by using which you can easily slip on the snorkel mask on your face.

What I like most about this full face snorkel mask is its dual breathing system. There is a separate chamber for exhaling so the viewing window doesn’t fog up.

If the water accidentally does get it due to longer size, then the snorkel mask is equipped with a drain valve at the bottom to push out this water. Also, this valve makes the cleaning process a lot easier and hassle-free.

What’s more; the top of the dry snorkel is fitted with a valve which automatically closes when you go below the water level to prevent the water from entering into your mask.

The included fins are very comfortable to wear as it is incorporated with adjustable straps to loosen or tighten the fins while the easy-click buckles ensure that you don’t waste so much time just to take them on.

Due to its advanced technology, you will be able to get a good thrust/propulsion, and your mobility will increase drastically.

The set comes with two sizes and three different color choices. So if you are looking for the best snorkel gears that come with a full-face snorkel mask, then we recommend this product.

2. Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set

The Cressi is a well-known brand for producing diving gears at a very affordable price range and this snorkel set by Cressi is no exception.

This snorkeling set has everything you need for your trip including an eye mask, snorkel, mesh bag, and fins to move faster under water.

First of all, the 100% dry snorkel here is very well designed, and it incorporates anti-splash guard. To top it off, it comes with dual (Purge and seal) valve.

So what this valve does is, when you dive underwater it will automatically close to prevent the water from coming into the mask and if the water does get in due to improper fitting, the water can be drained out from this same valve.

The included mask in this set has a lower profile and sits perfectly onto the face giving you the watertight seal. Made out of high-quality silicon this frameless mask incorporates two windows for greater visibility. Also, the skirt edge of the mask also helps in giving you the tight and snug fit you need while snorkeling.

The short fins that come with this package are comfortable to kick the water, and it will help you swim faster when snorkeling. Though the longer fins are faster but, short fins will provide you the required thrust without putting in too much effort.

Aside from that, the open heel design and adjustable strap with buckles provide you the perfect fit for your foot. The buckle straps are easy to adjust and releases with one push of a button.

The product comes with four different sizes so it can accommodate the need of every user, and also it is offered is a total of six different colors choices.

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3. Seabeast AF90 Snorkel Gear Set with Full Face Snorkel Mask

Seabeast AF90 Snorkel Gear Set with Full Face Snorkel Mask

The SEABEAST AF90 is another great snorkel set we have in our list that comes with a full face snorkel mask.

You will love the advanced anti-fogging technology of this snorkeling mask. It uses the hydrophilic coating with high absorbing capacity which absorbs the moisture and releases it afterward not to let any fog in the viewing area.

Now you don’t have to breathe through mouth because it covers the whole face. Using this mask you can either breathe through mouth or nose as you see fit.

The flat lens of this mask offers the dynamic view of surrounding while underwater. By utilizing camera mount, you can record your snorkeling memories.

Adjustable straps enable you to have the snug fit required for diving. These straps will satisfy the need of every user as you will be able to easily take it on or off. The snorkel tube at the tube can be folded down to store it in a bag.

The silicon insert at the outer surface of snorkel mask molds on the skin creating the perfect watertight seal. On top of that, the snorkel mask boasts floating ball that prevents the salty water from coming in the tube.

The open foot fins here feels very soft and squishy as you wear them on your barefoot. The adjustable straps make you take them on quickly and saves you a lot of time.

I would like to point out that this set comes in two different sizes and if you want to buy only snorkel mask ,then they are offering it separately too.

The manufacturer is promising 30-day money back guaranty if you don’t like the product. In my opinion this is the best deal you can get given its affordable price range.

4. U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Gear Set

U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Gear Set

I was surprised to see how great this snorkeling mask has performed underwater. It features a high-quality medical grade silicone skirt that will fit onto your face like a second skin resulting in an excellent seal.

As you can see in the image, the included mask is two window mask that is constructed using the tempered glass to increase the durability of this mask. Also, the snorkel consists of one-way purge valve to remove the water from the snorkel.

One of the best advantages of this snorkel is that now you don’t have to adjust the buckle or strap of snorkel because it comes with a snug fit which is easy to slip on or slip off.

The dual composite vented blade fins that comes with the whole package are open heel designed meaning that you won’t need any straps, just wear it like a shoe and you are good to go.

Although the fins do not include straps, but it will fit you snuggly once you get the right size for your foot.

If you are worried about the size, then this snorkel set comes with 5 different sizes and on top of that, it also comes with 3 variety of colors.

However, the only thing I didn’t like about this mask is that it is not fog-proof, but it is not that big problem. You can clean it every once in a while when snorkeling. Also, I would like to mention that the snorkel did not leak a bit, but that depends on what size you choose.

If you were to choose a bigger size, then it is definitely going to leak. So we advise you to choose a perfect fit if you want to enhance your snorkeling experience.

The whole snorkel set includes a 4-pane mask with tempered glass, splash top snorkel, two fins, and one carry bag with shoulder strap.

5. Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set

Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set

Offered in three different sizes, this snorkel set is an ideal choice for kids and adults. Constructed from durable and high-quality materials, this snorkel set is designed to last for years.

The frameless mask is made out of high-grade silicone material, and it boasts a single lens design so you will be able to enjoy the underwater world without any obstructed view.

The liquid injected silicone skirt tightly fits onto the face resulting in a watertight seal. Also, the shatterproof tempered glass is built to last.

The specially designed lens of the mask has a lower profile, and it is closer to your eyes which gives you the panoramic view of the underwater creatures without sacrificing the quality.

You will love the side strap buckles on the mask that allows the quick placement of strap around the head resulting in a quick setup process.

Say goodbye to jaw fatigue because this snorkel features a soft, flexible, and hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece which is easy to bite on.

Also, the snorkel boasts two valves. When you descend below the waterline, the lid at the top of the snorkel tube will be sealed off not to let any water in. And the valve at the bottom will push out the water with one forceful exhale which makes the cleaning process very easy.

What I like most about this snorkel set is its vented and short trek type fins. They are versatile enough to walk with especially if you are just relaxing on the beach after a long snorkeling session.

These fins will enable you to move forward by kicking water without any effort maximizing the thrust and efficiency. On top of that, you can use these fins for bodyboarding too.

The purchase of this set also includes a carry bag which features ventilated mesh so you can quickly dry your gears while traveling. In the end, I would say that you will not regret investing your money on this snorkel set.

6. Phantom Aquatics Adult Sport Snorkel Gear Set

Phantom Aquatics Adult Sport Snorkel Gear Set

This snorkel set will give the excellent snorkeling experience no matter if you are a beginner or professional diver. Offered in two different size and various color choices, it gives you the independence of selecting your favorite design and suitable fit.

This set comes with all the required accessories for snorkeling such as high-end waterproof mask, dry snorkel, heavy-duty fins, and mesh carrying bag.

The two-way window mask is equipped with the silicone skirt that molds down to your face giving you the airtight seal. And the low volume silicone mask sits closer to the face, and it covers your nose perfectly.

You will appreciate the built-in silicon skirt on this mask which allows you to have a snug fit you desire to enjoy your snorkeling expedition.

Just like all the snorkel sets, this snorkel also features a valve at the bottom of snorkel tube to restrict the water when you dive underwater and to completely dry the snorkel it is equipped with a semi-dry valve at the top.

The included fins are open-heel designed, and the attached straps are easily adjustable using the swivel buckles. It fits perfectly on foot giving you higher comfort level.

The shortfins are powerful enough to provide the greater thrust with every stroke, and it effortlessly cuts the water while snorkeling. They are claimed to give you the double speed while reducing the effort in half which eliminates the foot cramping.

I really loved the included carry mesh bag which is tough enough to carry your gears and dries your wet gears instantly.

So if you are looking for budget snorkel set and that delivers on its promise to last longer, then we recommend this snorkel set for you.

7. U.S. Divers Starbuck III Snorkel Gear Set

U.S. Divers Starbuck III Snorkel Gear Set

This is another great product we have on our list from U.S Divers. Like I said earlier their products are innovative and lasts longer than any other products.

That being said, this snorkel set has some really unique features; let’s have a look. I liked the one window design of this mask that helps you see all the things clearly without any obstruction.

And also this mask sits closer to the eyes allowing you to immerse yourself into the underwater world. On top of that, the silicon skirt feels really comfortable on the face, and it sticks on the face like a second skin which creates a watertight seal.

On top of that, the tempered glass is durable enough to withstand high water pressure, so rest assured about the life-expectancy of this mask.

The dry snorkel helps in diving below the water surface. The one-way purge valve located at the bottom of the snorkel tube makes the cleaning process easy and enables you to remove the accidental water from the snorkel. Also, the snorkel’s silicon mouthpiece is very comfortable and eliminates jaw fatigue.

If you want to shoot underwater videos, then this snorkel is equipped with camera attachment below the mouthpiece where you can attach your GoPro camera.

Designed using Pivot-flex technology, the included fins are made out of high-quality materials and look stylish. The open-heel design of these fins will fit any user because of adjustable straps. The straps are very easy to adjust and conform onto your foot.

Even the prolonged usage of these fins won’t hurt your foot, and because of its soft surface, you don’t need to wear any socks.

The travel bag in this snorkel set is very well-designed and has a mask pocket to store your mask. This heavy-duty mesh carrying bag has many compartments, and you can easily store all your gears in it.


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