Top 7 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks in 2019 | Reviews


Snorkeling is a great activity to explore the underwater world and the best thing about this is you don’t need any training to learn this. All you need to learn is how to swim and breathe through the snorkel and you will be good to go.

But before you choose any snorkel mask you need to understand some of the aspects of traditional snorkel mask. The snorkel mask greatly affects the snorkeling experience, here’s how.

There so many issues are associated with it such as water leaking, sore jaw from biting down on a traditional snorkel, Gag reflex, obstructed view and so on. At that time full face snorkel mask becomes your best bet.

When the full face snorkel mask released in 2014 it revolutionized the way people dive. Now you can breathe through mouth and nose without any foggy effect which enhances the snorkeling experience to a great extent.

If you look online you will find many full-face snorkel masks that exactly look alike but they heavily differ when it comes to build quality, price, and features.

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Choosing the wrong one can ruin your snorkeling experience altogether that is why you should be very careful when choosing any full face snorkel mask.

We have taken care of this problem of yours by testing many snorkel masks according to their build quality, features, and price. And after rigorous testing, we came up with the list of Best Full Face Snorkel Mask in 2019.

Brand Product Warranty Check Price
WildHorn Outfitters
Ninja Shark
10 Years
Cozia Design
Editor's Choice
5 Years
Tribord Subea
2 Years
1 Year
Ocean Reef
1 Year

1. WildHorn Outfitters SeaView Full Face Snorkel Mask

WildHorn Outfitters Full Face Snorkel Mask

When it comes to snorkeling masks, no one has ever come closer to the Seaview 180° GoPro mountable Snorkel Mask. It is developed by a company called Wildhorn Outfitters.

The product was released many years ago but until this day it is one of the best 180° full face snorkeling mask available on the market.

One of the best features of this mask is that it won’t fog up because this snorkeling mask features a separate breathing chamber and the direction of air flow is guided away from your viewing area which helps in eliminating the fog.

The silicone seal ensures that the mask is watertight and even if water does get in (if your mask is loose) then by tilting the mask the water will drain out via the one-way valve located at the chin.

Also, the dry snorkel technology prevents the water from getting into your mouth through the snorkel tube.

It will be a perfect choice for those who are suffering from gag reflex or having a sore jaw from biting on a traditional snorkel for a long period of time. With the right size, this mask can become a perfect fit for kids and adults as it comes in various sizes such as XS, S/M, and L/XL.

Unlike other snorkel masks, the seaview features a built-in camera mount in the mask located at the top making it easier to record everything around you.

The silicon mask provides a snug and comfortable fit while straps are easy to adjust and doesn’t tangle up your hair.

  • Great build quality
  • Gopro mountable
  • Specially designed for adults as well as kids
  • Anti-fogging (separate breathing chamber)
  • Prevents gagging and sore jaw from biting on traditional snorkel
  • None

2. Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask

This is one of the most innovative snorkels we have on our list. The Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask is our step-up pick after Seaview. Let’s look at some of the mind-boggling features of this mask.

Ninja shark has made a lot of improvement since the release of their first snorkel mask. In this latest version of 2018, they improved the anti-leak waterproof seal which will help you snorkeling all day.

When you are using any snorkel mask you need to make sure that there is a watertight seal between your face and mask to prevent the water leakage.

Well, the manufacturer of this mask has taken care of this by introducing a silicon insert. Also, the mask includes a one-way drain system valve at the bottom to remove any water from the mask.

Most of the snorkel mask has one common issue and that is the inability to equalize. But in case of Ninja Shark, it features a silicon nose pocket allowing you to pinch and touch your nose for proper equalization.

With the proper equalization, you will be able to dive as deep as 25 feet without any problems at all while using the other snorkel mask you can only dive up to 10 feet.

However, this mask is not recommended for free divers because the mask has dead space in it and as you dive deeper the pressure will increase in the mask resulting in breathing problem and painful squeeze.

The whole breathing system of this mask is just fabulous. Here’s how, first of all, the mask uses three chambers and four intake valves which increases the air circulation and at the same time it eliminates any CO2 buildup.

What’s more, it boasts an extra breathing chamber allowing you to breathe through your mouth and nose simultaneously and reduces the fogging altogether.

If we talk about size then this mask comes with one size that will fit all from a 12-year-old kid to adults.

The manufactures are so confident about their product that they are offering 30 day trail of the product and if you don’t like the product then they will refund your money without asking any questions. On top of that you will get 10 years of warranty on this product which is more than enough to buy this snorkel mask.

  • One size fits all
  • Free Mobile case and carry bag
  • 10 years of warranty
  • Equalization feature
  • Advanced breathing system and much more
  • 30 day trail with refund if you don’t like the product

  • You would need to try it first and check if it is perfect fit or not.

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3. Cozia Design Full Face Snorkel Mask

Cozia design Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Ocean-View 2.0 by Cozia Design is another great snorkel mask in our list with so many positive reviews. This is the second generation snorkeling mask with 180 degrees of crystal clear panoramic view.

The advanced breathing chamber of this mask directs the airflow away from the main viewing area eliminating the fogging effect. To top it off it features a dual air flow ventilation to provide you more oxygen.

Other than that it features a sealing mechanism in the snorkel to seal any water that might come in when going underwater. Also in order to remove the leaked water from the mask, it incorporates a valve at the bottom.

The purchase of this product includes free accessories such as diving fins, GoPro mount, waterproof earplugs and carry bag.

Also, the foldable snorkel makes is easy to carry and store it while the built-in camera mount lets you capture all the amazing underwater footage.

This mask comes in a two sizes including S/M for women and teenagers and L/XL for men.

  • Easy to use
  • Crystal clear view
  • Anti-fogging with dual air flow
  • Comes with many free accessories
  • Features Sealing mechanism and drain out valve

  • You need to be careful when folding the snorkel tube otherwise it may break down

4. Tribord Subea Full Face Snorkel Mask

Tribord Subea Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Tribord released their first snorkel mask in 2017 and after some time they came up with an improved version in 2018 which packs some really new features. This is the review of Tribord Easybreath snorkel mask 2018 version.

If you are looking for a snorkeling mask which helps in easy breathing just like you are on the ground then I would suggest you get this snorkel mask.

In this latest version, they have improved the locking mechanism of snorkel which would detach unexpectedly in the previous version. Also, they have introduced a double chamber air vale vent for continues fresh air flow.

The hypoallergenic silicone skirt seals the mask tightly onto your face so that water won’t come inside from sideways while you are underwater. Furthermore, the dry snorkel valve at the top also prevents water from rushing in when you are snorkeling.

You may be surprised to hear that this snorkeling mask features a shatterproof polycarbonate window for added durability and safety while the purge valve at the base helps in draining out the leaked water.

The 180 degrees of panoramic view with fog-free lenses (because of separate breathing chamber) lets you enjoy the underwater world flawlessly.

Some of the users have reported the occasional water leak. This situation arises because either the mask is not a proper fit for them or they have not properly strapped the mask.

Anyways I would suggest you get the right fit of this snorkel mask otherwise the water will leak from the sides and you won’t be able to enjoy your diving.

Also the manufacturer offers different sizes such as XS is for children, S/M for women and teens, ML for men and L/XL for men with longer faces.

  • 2 Years of warranty
  • Anti-fogging lens with separate breathing chamber
  • Available in 4 sizes and 3 colors
  • Purge valve to drain out water from mask
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate window increases safety and durability

  • Not for free diving
  • Potential leak from forehead

5. Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

This particular snorkel mask has received the highest positive reviews on Amazon because of its build quality and great features.

As the name suggests this snorkel mask enables you to enjoy the 180 degrees of panoramic view of underwater world without blocking your view.

To breathe underwater the snorkel mask features a built-in snorkel tube at the top however it is not advisable to dive deeper into the water because it is not made for scuba diving.

As you may know, the unique full face design of this mask lets dive easily without holding a snorkel in your mouth furthermore the sealing mechanism in the snorkel tube prevents water from coming in the mask while you are underwater.

The GoPro mount on the top of the mask allows you to capture every moment in the sea and share it with your friends.

This snorkel mask features a valve at the chin to drain out the water from the mask if it accidentally gets it. You do not need to remove the mask in order to clear the water from the mask, all you have to do is just tilt your chin and the water will be gone.

However we recommend you to get the right size of snorkel mask otherwise due to loose mask the water will get in which will affect your breathing to a great extent.

To prevent the fogging in the mask, the vaincre snorkel mask features a separate breathing chamber so that your breathing won’t affect the viewing.

This snorkel mask comes in 13 different colors and 4 different sizes including kids which gives you so many options to choose from.

  • Reasonably priced product
  • Anti-fogging lens
  • Gopro mountable
  • Snorkel stays dry even if submerged

  • Some of the users reported of water coming in while underwater

6. X-Lounger Full Face Snorkel Mask

X-Lounger Full Face Snorkel Mask

The X-Lounger snorkel mask has received the most positive reviews from reviewers on Amazon which makes it one of the most trusted full face snorkel mask.

This new updated version (2018) of snorkel mask offers 180 degrees field of vision allowing you to see objects from different angles while the flat lens of this mask enables you to enjoy more realistic scenes then a curved lens.

The foldable snorkel makes the storage hassle free while the detachable GoPro mount allows you to record every moment seamlessly.

Additionally the mask is equipped with anti-fog coating and anti-fog insert which greatly helps in reducing the fog.

To top it off, a specially designed separate chamber for inhaling and exhaling also helps in eliminating the fog effect. The 9.3 inches of snorkel tube is long enough to let you dive deeper.

A ball at the top of the snorkel tube automatically seals the snorkel from water when submerged in water. And even if the water does get due to loose mask then the water is held in a chamber away from mouth and nose and the water will drain out from the valve located at the chin.

The purchase of this snorkel mask includes the detachable camera mount, waterproof earplugs, and a storage backpack.

Most of the reviews are consistent stating what the mask offers but unfortunately, this snorkeling mask has received some criticism of potential water leaks, especially from the forehead area.

But fortunately the manufacturer is offering replacement if you have received a faulty product and 100% refund policy if you still don’t like the product without asking any question.

  • Reasonably priced product with most positive reviews
  • Foldable snorkel with sealing mechanism
  • Anti-leak and anti-fog feature
  • Detachable camera mount
  • Separate chamber for inhaling and exhaling

  • Some of the users complained about the potential water leak

7. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef is a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality diving equipment. And this snorkel mask by Ocean reef is no exception. They use clear silicon for the mask so you won’t miss out on any beautiful sights.

The manufacturer claims that this snorkel mask has the highest field of vision than any other mask in the market.

One of the notable features of this snorkel mask is its detachable dry top snorkel which will help you store it in a small bag when traveling.

Amazon is flooded with so many counterfeits but what separates ocean reef from them is its four valves in the interior chamber. These valves increase the air flow to a great extent and because of this, you won’t need to breathe much hard which results in less fogging compared to other masks.

The second best thing about this mask is the fact that it features a large breathing diameter in the snorkel tube. When you start swimming hard, you will be needing more oxygen and at that time this snorkel mask becomes your best choice.

The purge valve at the chin features a plastic ball bearing to seal the valve when the mask is submerged in water. Also, the dry snorkel tube features a mechanism to seal the mask when you dive deeper.

Like all of the snorkel masks, the ocean reef also incorporates a separate breathing chamber to eliminate the fogging.

This is one of the first snorkel masks that comes with an optical accessory so you won’t have to worry about the glasses.

Other than that the mask comes in 4 different sizes including Extra Small, Small/Medium, Medium and Large/Extra-large.

However the only thing I didn’t like about this mask is that in order to mount the camera you will have to buy the separate accessory.

  • Detachable snorkel
  • Features 4 valves to increase the airflow while snorkeling
  • Large breathing diameter of snorkel
  • Purge valve closes underwater using ball bearing
  • Separate breathing chamber results in less fogging

  • Doesn’t come with built-in gopro mount
  • Detaching snorkel is difficult


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