Best Moisturizing Gloves for Dry Hands


Working all day can sometimes make your hands dry and rough and this situation gets worse during winter.

Dry and rough hands can become so frustrating that we feel like not doing anything. At that time your hand needs proper treatment.

Applying lotion or ointment won’t do any good because it will simply smear off of your hands. In that situation, moisturizing gloves becomes your best bet.

Some moisturizing gloves come with a gel lining that has botanical oils which speed up the healing process and also you can use your favorite lotion to get quick results.

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But there are so many moisturizing gloves available and choosing the perfect one is hard.

So we have round up some of the Best Moisturizing Gloves that will help you heal your dry and chapped hands.

Brand Material Available sizes Price
CARA 100% cotton Small, Medium, Large
Editor's Choice
100% cotton One Size Fits Most
Aquasentials 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex One Size Fits Most
Malcolm 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex Small, Medium
Deseau Super Soft Cotton Medium
Beauty Care Wear
Editor's Choice
100% cotton Medium
PureSole Cotton and Spandex One size fits most

1. CARA Moisturizing Cotton Gloves

CARA Moisturizing Eczema Cotton Gloves

It’s hard to do anything while you have applied lotion or ointment on your hands. At that time the moisturizing gloves become your best bet.

CARA Moisturizing Cotton Gloves are number 1 on our list of Best Moisturizing Gloves.

In most of the gloves, once you apply the ointment or lotion, the gloves simply cover your hand. But CARA moisturizing gloves takes it one step further.

These gloves are made of Dermatological cotton which aids in absorbing lotion and ointment so you can get results faster.

It is hard to find anti-allergic gloves but these gloves right here is made out of hypoallergenic material. Meaning it will not cause any allergic reaction at all.

The gloves are washable and reusable. On top of that, each glove can fit either of your hand.

At just 24$ you are getting 24 washable and reusable gloves so I would say this price is unbeatable compared to those high priced gloves.

So if you are looking for a pair of affordable gloves that you can easily wear after applying lotion then these gloves are the best choice for you.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Washable and reusable
  • Easy to wear
  • Anti-allergic gloves
  • Each glove can fit either hand
  • May run smaller for some people
  • May shrink if not washed properly

2. BUOCEANS Moisturizing Gloves + Moisturizing Socks + Foot Peel Mask

BUOCEANS Moisturizing Gloves, Moisturizing Socks, Foot Peel Mask

Those who are looking for a set of moisturizing glove and socks that can quickly heal their cracked and dry skin then you should check out this set of glove and socks by BUOCEANS.

This set is specially designed to soften and moisturize your hard and rough skin with the help of premium gel lining. This gel lining contains Delightful Fragrance of Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E.

The gloves and socks are Hypoallergenic so everyone can use it and also these are washable and reusable, so they will last longer than you think.

You can use your favorite lotion or ointment too instead of depending on the gel lining of the glove for better results.

The botanical oils of the glove penetrate into your dry and rough skin and enhance the natural look and beauty of your hand.

After using this set for 30 to 60 minutes a day you will see the instant result of having softer and beautiful skin.

The purchase of this product includes Moisturizing Gloves, Moisturizing Socks, and Foot Peel Mask.

  • Reasonably priced product
  • Hypoallergenic and washable
  • Premium gel lining
  • Stretchable design
  • Pink Color may not appeal everyone

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3. Aquasentials Moisturizing Gloves

Aquasentials Moisturizing Gloves

Aquasentials Moisturizing Gloves looks very cute and they are a perfect match for your night pajamas.

These gloves are specially designed in such a way that applied lotion can’t be absorbed by gloves and it doesn’t smear off the gloves.

Now you might be wondering how?

Well, the gloves are made of cotton as well as spandex. Spandex makes sure that lotion doesn’t sock in the gloves while cotton makes it very comfortable to wear.

Also, the spandex gives you the snug fit you need and also it keeps the gloves in shape even after many wash cycles.

At the same time, these gloves are very breathable so you won’t feel heat or sweat while wearing them. Because of this, you can wear them while sleep.

You will be amazed to see how effective these gloves are and it can be worn overnight so you will very relaxed.

So if you are suffering from dry and chapped hands we recommend using it and on top of that, it is a reasonably priced product.

  • Soft and comfy feel
  • Can be worn overnight
  • Great thickness to seal in moisture
  • A mixture of Cotton and spandex for a perfect fit
  • Lotion won’t be absorbed into gloves because of spandex
  • May not last long
  • Some people find it bit loose

4. Malcolm Moisturizing Gloves

Malcolm's Miracle Green Moisturizing Gloves

Malcolm is in the industry of selling moisturizing gloves since 2004 and it is a well-known brand for its durable and quality gloves.

Are you tired of using different gloves which feels sweaty and uncomfortable to wear? It is frustrating that lotion smears off of your hands while you were sleeping and the gloves get torn apart after some wash cycles.

If you are facing such problems then Malcolm’s moisturizing gloves are what you need.

Most of the gloves just make sure that the lotion doesn’t come off. But Malcolm’s moisturizing gloves takes it one step further.

It uses our own body heat to open up pores which allow the lotion or ointment to penetrate deeper in the skin. So it results in faster healing of dry and cracked skin.

These gloves are made of 94% soft cotton and 6% spandex. Spandex makes sure that lotion doesn’t absorb in the gloves and also it helps in retaining the shape of the glove after many wash cycles.

Unlike other gloves, these gloves are breathable and comfortable so you can wear them at night as well as at daytime.

One of the great features of these gloves is that they don’t tear apart and maintains its functionality no matter how many time you wash them.

Apply lotion or ointment on your dry and cracked skin and use these gloves to get results as fast as 1 hour.

  • Breathable Gloves
  • Spandex to retain shape
  • Specially designed for long-lasting use
  • Noticeable results after 1 hour
  • Expensive

5. Deseau Moisturizing Gloves

Deseau Premium Quality Luxurious Moisturizing Gloves

After a long working day, the skin of your hand becomes dry and rough so it deserves a pampering. Just applying some average lotion or ointment won’t heal your hand faster.

At that time all you need is Deseau Moisturizing Gloves. This is not an average moisturizing glove.

These gloves are not only made of super soft cotton but it features Thermoplastic Infused Gel Lining for quick healing of your chapped skin.

This Thermoplastic Infused Gel Lining contains botanical oils like Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Lavender Oil and Vitamin E which helps in softening your skin and speeds up the healing process.

Also, you can use your favorite lotion or ointment too for getting significant results. And these gloves are designed in such a way that they can fit either of your hand.

When used regularly you will see noticeable results after some days and since you are getting a double dose of moisture your hand will recover faster. These gloves are washable and can be used again.

  • Thermoplastic Infused Gel Lining
  • Washable and reusable
  • Mildly scented
  • Can fit either of your hand
  • Infused with botanical oils
  • Bright pink color may not appeal everyone
  • Some people may find it too thick

6. Beauty Care Wear Moisturizing Cotton Gloves

Beauty Care Wear Medium White Cotton Gloves

If you are suffering from cold, dry or Eczema Afflicted Skin then Beauty Care Moisturizing gloves are an excellent choice with a combination of affordable price range and quality.

These gloves are made of 100% cotton which is thick enough to retain the applied lotion and keeps away harmful elements from your skin.

The wristband of these gloves are made of supportive elastic for tight fit and restricts any movement prevention. Also, these gloves can fit either hand.

Also, the gloves are washable and can last up to many wash cycles. The material of this glove is designed in such a way that it absorbs the sweat and doesn’t let the lotion smear off the gloves.

The gloves are breathable enough to be worn at night.

You will get 20 gloves in this pack which will last you quite some time. And on top of that these gloves are washable so you will be saving a lot of money in the long run.

So overall for this price range 20 gloves are a great deal considering its quality and durability to last longer.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Elastic wristband
  • Breathable and protective
  • Can fit in either hand
  • Washable and reusable
  • Some people may find it small

7. PureSole Gel Cotton Moisturizing Gloves

PureSole Gel Cotton Moisturizing Gloves

PureSole is a well-known brand for its product quality and PureSoel Moisturizing Gloves are no exception. It is one of the top rated product on the Amazon.

These gloves feature a gel lining which is infused with Rose Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Olive, and Grape Seed Oil. This gel lining speeds up the moisturizing process and helps the dry & chapped skin heal quickly then it would using the average lotion or ointment.

One of the best features of this glove is that they are fingerless. So they become easy to put on and on top of that, you can use your smartphone while wearing these gloves.

Unlike other gloves, these gloves are versatile and provide great ventilation. Because of this, you can wear them while driving, or when you are going to work or when you sleep.

If you are worried that the gel lining will further hurt your dry hand then don’t worry because the gel is dermatologist tested and it is safe to use.

Also apply lotion or ointment beforehand when using these gloves for intense treatment. So if you are suffering from dry hands we recommend using these gloves twice a day.

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Features Gel-lining to speed up the healing process
  • You can use your smartphone while wearing it
  • Cotton-spandex blends provide stretchiness for a perfect fit
  • Some people may not like this green color


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