Top 7 Best Trailer Hitch Locks in 2019 [Protect Your Trailer]


Most of the people park their trailer on the street or outside their garage. They are constantly worried that their trailer might get stolen.

Unattended and unsecured trailer are easy to steal and they have very low chances of being recovered. And even if they are found, your precious cargo will be stolen for sure.

At that time trailer hitch lock becomes your best bet. Compared to the total cost of your trailer, the cost of the hitch lock is nothing.

The trailer hitch lock is a small investment that will protect your trailer from potential thieves.
But as you may know, there are tons of trailer locks available on the market right now from affordable price range to outrageously high price range.

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So which is the best trailer lock you might think?
We have tested many trailer hitch lock and coupler lock and after rigorous testing, we conclude that the Connor Trailer Lock is THE Best Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock while the Trimax UMAX100 is The Best Trailer Coupler Lock.

So when it comes to Trailer Lock here is the list of Best Trailer Hitch Lock in 2019.

Brand Size Compatibility Matetial Price
Best Receiver Lock
Fits most common setups Heavy duty solid steel
Best Coupler Lock
One size fits all Hardened steel
Cocoweb One size fits all Stainless steel
Master 1-7/8 inch, 2 inch, and 2-5/16 inch Stainless steel
Trimax 2 inch receivers Black Epoxy Powder Coated steel
Tow Ready 2 inch receivers Solid steel
Reese 1-7/8 inch, 2 inch, and 2-5/16 inch Aluminum body and heavy-duty steel lock bar

1. Connor Trailer Hitch Lock – Best Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock

Connor Trailer Hitch Lock - Best Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock

Connor is a reputed brand who builds great security devices when it comes to quality and durability. And the Connor 1615320 trailer hitch lock is no exception.

One of the best thing about this hitch lock is that it fits most of the hitch setups from class I to IV
This hitch lock features two different size pins. The first 1/2 inch pin can be used to tow trailers up to 3,500 GTW while the 5/8 inch pin if for trailers up to 20,000 GTW.

To make the locking process easy they introduced a feature called auto lock and release. So when you move the key ¼ of the way, the lock automatically releases from the pin.
Every time you lock the pin, you will hear an audible clicking sound by which you can confirm that the trailer has been perfectly locked.

Also, you can lock the trailer without key by pushing the pin fully into the lock so it makes it very easy to lock your trailer when you are in a hurry.

Are you worried about the bad weather that might affect your hitch locker? Well you don’t need worry because this locked incorporates a deep layered rubber cap that protects your lock from corrosion and dust.

  • Affordable price range
  • Auto lock and release feature
  • Fits most of the hitch setup
  • All weather cap to protect it from corrosion
  • None
Final Verdict
  • This hitch lock is on number position in our list because of its unique features. The features auto lock and release mechanism makes it very easy to install.
  • On top of that this hitch lock fits most of the hitch setups so there is no confusion about the size of your trailer.
    So for this price range this is the best product you can get to safeguard your trailers.

2. Trimax Solid Hardened Steel Trailer Lock – Best Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock

Trimax Solid Hardened Steel Trailer Lock - Best Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock

When it comes to making locks that are impossible to crack and that would deter thieves just from size of the lock then no one can compete with the Trimax.

Made from hard steel the Trimax UMAX100 is thick enough for any thieves to break.
Security features like 6 tooth and dual ratchet locking system makes it very hard for thieves to crack it. And the ½ turn technology, that can’t be false locked adds another layer of security.

This coupler lock fits most of the coupler types from 1-7/8″, 2″, to 2-5/15″. The ballistic grade nylon housing of this lock is durable and can absorb hammer blows.

To protect the inner mechanism of this lock from dirt and corrosion, the keyhole cover slides up.
Installing process of this coupler lock is hassle-free. To install this lock simply slide the ball to the coupler and put on the hardened 16mm steel shackle.

Although, properly motivated thief can break this lock if he has enough time. But the main goal here is to deter the thief as long as possible.

So with this mind, you can double the security of your trailer by adding Trimax cable or any cable to anchor point.
Trimax stands true their product. That is why they are offering lifetime warranty on this product you can always get a replacement for your faulty product.

  • One of THE best security features that one can have
  • 360 Degree protection
  • Hard steel construction
  • One size fits most coupler types
  • Life Time warranty
  • With enough time the lock can be broken so I would recommend you to add extra security such a Trimax cable of wheel clamp
Final Verdict
  • We have tested it for some time and we found that this coupler lock is hard to pick because of 360 degrees of steel protection.
  • It is no doubt that this is one of the best coupler lock and in our list of Best trailer Hitch lock, Trimax is on number one position.
  • So if you are looking for trailer lock that will protect your trailer from thieves then look no further because Trimax universal lock is what you need.

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3. Cocoweb C-Lock Hitch Reciever Lock

Cocoweb C-Lock Hitch Reciever Lock

Cocoweb is known for its affordable yet durable hitch locker. Their latest product named C-lock heavy duty receiver locker is a great example of this.

This hitch locker features 5/8 diameter hitch pin that fits all class such as Class I, II, III, and IV hitch receivers. Also, this hitch locker comes in a ½ inch diameter variant too.

The whole body of locker is made of stainless steel and on top that, it incorporates a weather resistant cap to protect the inner locking mechanism from corrosion and rust

The Cocoweb C-lock uses a special locking mechanism called barbell which makes sue that lock is tightly fitted to the hitch pin and adds another layer of security.

To lock your trailer simply slide the hitch pin into hitch receiver and then put on the locking section and then turn key. In short the installing process is hassle-free.

  • Low price yet premium quality
  • Fits all class hitch receivers
  • Weather resistant cap
  • Easy installation
  • Some buyers complained about locker getting rusty
Final Verdict
  • What I like about this receiver lock is its easy locking system. I find it difficult to use other receiver locks as
  • You need to push the lock with two hands, but this one is easy.
  • The Cocoweb C-lock is reliable and secure receiver lock that won’t break easily.
  • Despite having low price this locker has so much to offer.

4. Master Lock Trailer Coupler Lock

Master Lock Trailer Coupler Lock

When it comes to a locking mechanism, The Master Lock takes it a bit further than regular trailer locks. Unlike other coupler locks, this trailer lock doesn’t have any bar that fits over the whole assembly of the trailer.

But instead, it features a ball that goes into a coupler and then locking devices permanently locks into the trailer. It means it is very hard for any thieves to break it open even with the brute force.

One of the best features of this lock is that it is designed to fit most of the coupler sizes such as 2-5/16 inches, 2 inches, and 1-7/8 inches.

You will find that the installation process of this trailer lock is easy compared to other trailer locks. All you have to do is just insert hard steel ball into the coupler, push the locking bar in and you are good to go.

You will set it up in no time once you get familiar with the locking process as there is no extra bars.
This lock incorporates chrome finished design that protects the lock from corrosion and dust.

  • Advanced locking system
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fits all coupler sizes
  • It doesn’t fit snuggly into a socket (But still it is secure)
Final Verdict
  • Overall The Master Lock trailer lock is reliable when it comes to the durability and security of your trailer.
    Master Lock’s lifetime warranty on this product gives you a piece of mind.
  • It is the best affordable solution for you if you looking for a trailer lock that is durable enough to protect your trailer from thieves.

5. Trimax T5 Receiver Lock

Trimax T5 Receiver Lock

The Trimax T5Black is another great receiver lock in our list. After the Connor hitch lock, this is our second choice for Best trailer receiver hitch lock.

The 5/8 inch receiver pin will fit most of the hitch sizes including class III, IV and V.

To stop the rust and corrosion accumulating on the body the whole body is coated with the Black Epoxy Powder.

Specially designed O-ring keeps water and dust from entering the inner areas of the lock so it increases the life span of the lock to a great extent.

On top of that protective rubber cap adds another layer of protection from grime and dirt. While spring loaded type A key is reliable and resists drill outs.

To lock the trailer you need to turn the key ¼ time in clockwise direction and this design prevents false locking and popping out while driving.

  • Fits most of the hitch sizes
  • O-ring keeps away water and dust
  • Affordable and durable receiver lock
  • Some buyers said that they all have generic keys
Final Verdict
  • I had no issue while using this lock but when you buy this receiver lock you should check if it will fit your trailer receiver or not.
  • However, some of the buyers said that this lock have the generic keys which might cause some problems.
  • But the point here is to secure your trailer and that’s precisely this locker will do.
  • The Trimax T5 is one of the best lock for 2-inch receivers and the product is also reasonably priced.

6. Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Coupler Lock

Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Coupler Lock

Tow Ready Gorilla Guard is another unbeatable trailer lock in our list with some interesting features. It has received many positive reviews from people because of its durability.

The locking system of this lock is different than other lockers. To lock this, you just need to slide the lock into the tongue of the trailer hitch.

Also, the key is removable, meaning you can lock the trailer without using the key so it becomes very easy to use it.

This coupler lock fits 2-inch trailer couplers however you need to keep in mind that the width of your coupler should not exceed 3-13/16 inches and the height of the coupler should not exceed 5/16 inch otherwise it won’t fit into the trailer coupler.
Its steel thick body deters the thief from stealing it. And it can withstand enough hammer blows until someone catches him. Also, you will get one year of warranty on this coupler lock.

  • Unique locking mechanism
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Inserting the key is somehow difficult
Final Verdict
  • Overall this coupler lock features an impressive design with steel construction that is tough to break.
  • But with enough time any thief can break this lock but that is unlikely to happen.
  • So if you are looking for coupler lock for your 2-inch trailer hitch then I would recommend this coupler lock.

7. Reese Towpower Universal Coupler Lock

Reese Towpower Universal Coupler Lock

REESE Towpower coupler lock is the best affordable option for you if you are looking budget trailer lock.
Its bright highly visible yellow color discourages thieves from stealing it.

As you can guess from the name of the lock, this lock is a universal coupler lock which is a perfect fit for different coupler sizes such as 2-5/16 inch coupler, 1-7/8 inch coupler, and the 2-inch coupler.

Thanks to its aluminum body and heavy-duty steel lock bar, it deters the thief for long enough to be noticed by someone.

The feature I liked the most about this lock is its adjustable different 11 positions that bar can lock into the body.
It means no matter what size or height of your hitch coupler is, it will snuggly lock onto the coupler. Its snug fit ensures that thieves won’t be able to try anything on this lock to break or pry the lock off.

Also, the locking process is simple. To lock it just attach it to the hitch coupler, put on the steel shackle and push it until it snuggly locks on.

  • 11 adjustable positions
  • Fits most of the coupler sizes
  • Resistant to picking, prying and drill outs
  • 1 Year warranty
  • The installation process takes some time before you get used to it
Final Verdict
  • This lock is resistant to picking prying and drill outs so I’d say it is a reliable choice and Its adjustable 11 positions locking system is really impressive.
  • I would recommend this lock to those who are looking for an affordable trailer coupler lock.


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