Best 10 Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2019


If you play a lot of outdoor basketball, then you may be familiar with the problem that most of the indoor basketball shoes aren’t designed for outdoor courts and does not last very long due to ruggedness and uneven surface of dusty courts.

So unless you want to buy a new pair of shoes every month, it is essential that you find the best pair of shoes that can take a beating of dusty outdoor courts and last longer.

What to look for when you buy outdoor basketball shoes?

  • The outer sole of the shoes should be made out of hard and durable rubber.
  • The shoes should be able to provide you the best possible traction on dusty courts.
  • The shoes shouldn’t cost a fortune because they won’t last long.
  • The material of upper of the shoe should be sturdy and resilient.
  • Also, the shoe should have basic features like impact-protection, fit, comfortability, ankle protection, breathable material, and interior cushioning.

But the problem is the big basketball shoe brands releases very few to none dedicated outdoor shoes every year, and they are too costly.

So if you want to spend a whole lot of money on this custom shoes, you need to find the regular shoes that will last outdoors too. Fortunately, there are some shoes available that will last longer on dusty courts.

But the real trouble begins here guys. In order to find the best outdoor basketball shoes, you will need to read a lot of reviews and watch videos and hope that the reviewer mentions that if this particular shoe works outdoors.


To save you the trouble we have reviewed and tested so many shoes. And after rigorous testing of so many shoes according to their traction, cushioning, material, fit & support and materials of each shoe we have compiled a list of Best 10 Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2019 for better durability and performance.

Name Traction Pattern Material Check Price
Anta KT Outdoor 2 Low Blade like tarction pattern Textile material backed by mesh materials
Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro Mixture of herringbone and diamond pattern Full leather
Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Multi diretional traction pattern Lightweight knitted upper with fuse overlay on top
Under Armour Drive 4 Herringbone Textile mesh backed by fuse overlay and neoprene
Anta KT3 Fingerprint style Traction Pattern Full length knit backed by Nylon material
Under Armour Drive 4 Herringbone Mesh materila backed by Fuse/Nylon Layer
Nike Lebron Soldier 11 Triangle style Traction Pattern Suede overlay backed by Nubuck mudguard
Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Herringbone Threadborne material backed by AnaFoam material
Adidas D Rose 6 Boost Herringbone Mesh overlay on a synthetic base
Nike Men’s Zoom Rev 2017 Herringbone Soft mesh backed by thin layer of fuse

1. Anta KT Outdoor 2 Low Basketball Shoe

Anta KT Outdoor 2 Low Basketball Shoe

The ANTA KT Outdoor 2 is no.1 on our list because of its phenomenal performance, durability, and traction. Let’s have a look.

  • Weight: 310 g. / 10.9349 oz
  • Type: LOW TOP
  • Colorways: 8+
  • Fit: True to Size
  • Retail Price: 65$ (On sale)
  • The shoe is specifically designed for outdoor gaming and durability of outsole rubber is just amazing
  • A ton of traction even on dusty courts
  • Very very budget friendly shoe
  • It has got a combination of all the features like great traction, comforting material, excellent durability outdoors and affordable price range, the ideal choice for outdoor gaming.
  • Lacks torsional shank which can affect the forefoot heavy players
  • Slight bit of heel slippage but after break-in time you won’t feel it


The KT outdoor 2 features the blade-like traction pattern and it is specifically designed for outdoor court but it works pretty well in indoor courts too.

The shoes designed these days does not last longer outdoors. Sometimes its pattern and sometimes its compound of rubber used in the outsole.

But in case of KT outdoor 2 outsole rubber is super hard and pretty durable, ANTA calls it hardcourt rubber, and it is very very durable.

The grip of this shoe on the court was phenomenal no matter if you do jab steps, pullbacks or quick side to side movements, the outsole of shoe gripped exceptionally well on the floor.

I don’t know if its pattern or not but this shoe right here creates a ton friction on the court no matter if its dusty or clean court.

However, there is some squeaky sound when will play in this. Maybe it’s the pattern of the outsole, but it doesn’t affect the performance of shoe in any way.


The materials in KT Outdoor 2 has been improved significantly. In the original KT outdoor they used only fuse. Fuse is done, man no one uses them as a primary material, just use it very sparingly.

In KT outdoor 2 they used textile material backed by mesh material just to increase starchiness and strength of the materials.

The materials like woven, knitted or textile uppers are becoming popular because of increased durability and overall reduced cost of the shoe so other people can afford it too.

They reinforced the high wear areas and stretch zones by the fuse materials, so it’s an ideal setup for today’s shoe.

Then at the back of the shoe, we have synthetic leather, nothing fancy here. It does its job, and it is pretty durable.

The material used here is as good as US-based brands, you can compare it with any brand you like. Don’t let this thing get into your head that this shoe brand is Chinese and it won’t be good or durable as the US-based brand. The shoe is shoe as far as it is well made. This is the perfect example of this right here, The ANTA KT Outdoor 2.


The Cushion setup anta used here is known as A-shock. It’s a high polymer material which absorbs almost every impact on heel and forefoot.

The Cushioning is in the forefoot, so you still get a response, but the heel is is crazy bouncy and gives you a stable landing. It provides the same cushioning outdoors too.

The midsole is designed to reduce the impact, and the material of midsole is very soft and comforting.

I was amazed to see that the level of comfort ANTA has offered in this price range. Major shoe making company sacrifices the comfort of the shoe to make it budget friendly. But the level of comfort ANTA has brought here from its cushioning system is just amazing.


The KT outdoor 2 has all the basic support features. First of all the external heel counter does its job perfectly by restricting your foots internal movement and locks it on footbed. And then we have lateral outrigger at the midfoot provides lateral stability

The overlay at the upper of the shoe ensures that the area doesn’t stretch too much.

But the ANTA KT Outdoor 2 is lacking one essential support feature which is a torsional shank. Basically, it’s a plate running from heel to midfoot and in some shoes from heel to the forefoot. It prevents the shoe from bending weirdly at the midfoot during jumps. It didn’t affect me though, but if you are a heavy foot striker or forefoot heavy player than it might bother you.

As I mentioned, earlier the fit helps in achieving the support and stability of the shoe. If your foot moves internally than you will not get perfect support. To help you get a perfect fit, the lacing system and internal padding are there.

We have got nice thick rounded lace here. The lace here isn’t thin and sharp, so unlike other shoes, it won’t cut through the tongue and crank your foot.


The KT Outdoor 2 fits true to size. And for wide footers, they can go for true to size because of mesh material it won’t take long to break-in the upper.

There is slight heel slippage at the heel, not from side to side area, but the inner lining at the heel counter. The more I played in this shoe, the more my sock stuck into the material. So it’s not an ongoing issue, but at the beginning, you might feel this. In order to eliminate, this you can go half a size down.

The KT Outdoor 2 features a TPU to lock foot on footbed. And the heel counter prevents your foot from heel slippage.

So to wrap things up the fit in forefoot and lockdown was good.

Bottom line

The ANTA KT Outdoor 2 Low is the best shoe for outdoor gaming, and it has a little bit of everything to offer. Excellent traction, nice cushion, comforting material, and very durable outsole.

The material ANTA offering in KT 2 is in line with other top brands. And top of all that, the price is very affordable.

This shoe right here is one of best shoes I have ever played with in outdoor courts. If you are looking for a solid, durable outdoor gaming shoe with a limited budget, then this shoe is an excellent choice for you.

2. Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro Basketball Shoes

Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro Basketball Shoes

  • Full-length ZOOM Air unit for Cushioning setup for impact protection and fast response
  • Thick and durable outsole rubber makes it best choice for outdoor gaming
  • Less dust accumulates due to widespread grooves
  • Material is lightweight, soft and durable
  • For the best court feel the shoe requires break-in time
  • Expensive shoe

The Kobe 1 Protro is the newest version of Kobe 1 known as performance retro version. They made changes in the Protro version and improved the overall performance of Kobe 1 Protro.

People still love the original Kobe 1 so much. But, this Protro version is far better than the original shoe. You are just gonna love this shoe.

Basically, in Protro version the Nike is keeping the same looks of Kobe 1, but they improved the cushioning by using the Full-length ZOOM Air unit. Then they removed the carbon fiber shank from the forefoot. So the forefoot area can move freely.


The Kobe 1 Protro Features the mixture of herringbone and diamond pattern for multi-directional coverage.

The notable feature of Protro is that grooves in the pattern are widespread, so less dust accumulates in the grooves. It held up very well on dusty courts.

Due to thick rubber, the outsole is very durable, and it will last longer indoor as well as outdoor.

Just one word for the traction of Portro, Fantastic.


So the cushioning is that something improved in Protro since the last Kobe 1. The previous Kobe 1 featured a large ZOOM Air unit in the forefoot, and large volume met beg in the forefoot.

But in Protro version Nike did an amazing job. The Protro version comes with a full-length ZOOM Air unit.

The Phylon midsole is reduced compared to the previous model for better low to ground feel and extra stability.

Once broken in the Phylon midsole and ZOOM Air unit really gives the plush and comfy ride along with an ultra-response and solid impact protection.

It doesn’t matter what type of player you are, the Full-length cushioning setup of Protro got you covered.

So if you are looking for a cushion that stays low to the ground and gives you amazing impact protection and quick responsiveness than you are gonna love this shoes.


The Protro is made out of full leather. The other shoes that come with knitted uppers, textiles and woven materials I like them, the new age material is cool and feel good but this shoe right here it feels so good. You know what I mean, The more you wear it, the nicer court feel you get and it just kind of wraps around your foot nicely and feels so comfortable.

The leather used here isn’t a premium one. But it isn’t cheap either. It is thick and takes quite a bit of wear to break-in.

The medial side of the shoe is made of nubuck that feels like this is the best material you can get for this price range. It is very lightweight, smooth and doesn’t wear easily.

Then we have carbon fiber materials in the heel cup and in the midfoot shank which is pretty solid. Other than that there is some suede material in the toe cap

After a little break in time, the leather material feels amazingly lightweight, and it is pretty durable too.

Support & Lockdown

The Kobe 1 Protro offers some serious support. The base is wide and features an Outrigger for lateral stability.

The overall fit really played a major role in achieving overall support.

To increase the overall fit the lacing system and internal heel counter lock your foot perfectly on footbed thereby restricting its internal movement.

The lacing system binds together all the materials in upper, so it doesn’t stretch out. In addition to that, there is one additional eyelet near collar area if you want an extra containment or fit.

The heel to toe transition was good due to reduced size ZOOM Air unit in the midfoot.

For additional torsional support and rigidity, there is one carbon fiber plate at the base of the outsole that doesn’t extend all the way to the forefoot, so it does not restrict the movement of the forefoot.

I still don’t understand what the carbon fiber material at the heel that wrapped around midsole is for. Maybe it increases the strength of the shoe at heel area which experiences a lot of impact during every landing.

I had no problems with lockdown, lateral containment and support were good.


I have heard many people talking about the shoe that this shoe fit big; it fits small etc. I don’t know other people’s foot size so I can’t tell. But I can say this that I had no problem with the fitting of the shoe whatsoever, They fit me true to size.

You may feel like you should go half a size down but I suggest you should let them break in first before panicking.

Internal padding and lacing system keeps foot perfectly locked and reduces the internal movements. For extra fit, there is one extra eyelet on the ankle collar.

In terms of comfort, the Kobe 1 Protro is an excellent choice. The cut below the ankle collar gives the support to your Achilles when you jump or make quick changes.

The shoe feels very comforting when wearing them. And like I said earlier the more you wear it, the more comfortable it feels, because the materials soften up quickly and it fits really really nice.


Like all the people I love Kobe 1 so much. I was excited to play in this shoe, and I am amazed to see that how better it performed then the last Kobe 1. I am not saying that the last Kobe 1 was not good, but I am just saying that it is so much better than the original in every aspect. So if you liked the original Kobe 1, look no further.

The performance of this shoe is phenomenal in indoor and outdoor courts too, and its durability is just mind-blowing. I still see some players playing in Kobe 1 after so many years so you can imagine how long this updated Kobe is going to last.

Some people feel that this shoe is heavy and clunky. But I did not have any issues with the shoe whatsoever. If they feel it, that is very unfortunate. Don’t let anyone’s judgment cloud your decision, so I would suggest that you should just try them on first.


3. Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Basketball Shoes

Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Basketball Shoes

  • Engineered lightweight knitted upper and fuse overlay makes it durable
  • Best cushioning for guards and forefoot heavy players
  • Rubber outsole is durable for outdoor gaming
  • Features like dynamic lacing system, internal heel counter, and torsional shank enhance the support and fit of the shoe
  • The shoe is very comfortable and wraps up around your foot like a second skin
  • Fuse overlay decreases the ventilation
  • Ankle collar is hard to get in first but after some break-in time it becomes easy to get in

Weight : 402 g. / 14.2 oz
Retail Price: $75
Fit : True to Size
Colorways : 10+


The 2 features the multi directional traction pattern for better grip and traction on any surface.

Because of tighter grooves in black portion, Dust accumulates quickly in the black portion of the outsole which resulted in inconsistent feel sometimes. But after a little bit of wiping you are good to go.

The white portion of traction pattern gripped very well compared to the black portion of the traction pattern on indoor as well as outdoor courts. The shoe performed exceptionally well on outdoor courts.

The rubber compound of the outsole is very durable, and it will last longer, so the Ultra fly 2 is the best pair for dusty outdoor courts.


The Jordan 2 features the engineered lightweight knitted upper with fuse overlay on top of it for long-lasting comfort and durability.

The knitted material runs from upper to the back of the shoes, so it is one piece construction.

The main disadvantage of fuse overlay is poor ventilation. But on the positive side, the fuse overlay increases your comfort and gives you lightweight feel, and on top of that, it increases durability and starchiness of the material. So I would say it’s a great trade.

Finally, the 2 has the best comfortable and durable materials for outdoor gaming.


There is a lot of difference between 1 and 2. The cushioning in 1 was horrible, but Jordan has made a significant improvement in UF 2.

Lots of shoes these days don’t have an excellent cushioning system in the forefoot, they just focus on responsive feel in the forefoot. These shoes won’t be much help to forefoot heavy players.

But, in the case of 2 you are getting top-loaded ZOOM Air unit in forefoot and heel at just 125$ retail price.

Phylon midsole is really soft and increases the cushioning. However, you should let them break in naturally. The more you wear it, the more excellent court feel you are going to get over the course of time.

The outsole is rounded, so when you apply enough pressure on the forefoot, the zoom air unit activates and you will get excellent impact protection.

Due to ZOOM Air unit in both heel and forefoot, the heel to toe transition is smooth. Once break-in you will get a really nice ZOOM air experience.

The Zoom Air cushioning is really comfy, responsive and provides phenomenal impact protection so no matter if you are a forefoot heavy player or guard the 2, is the best pair for you.

Support and Lockdown

The 2 has all the standard support features that one shoe can possibly have. The support feature of 2 includes internal heel counter at the back, a torsional shank at the base of the outsole, nice little outrigger at the side of midsole, solid frame on the midsole and dynamic lacing system.

The support of the shoe enhances further if your foot locks in perfectly in the shoe there for the perfect fit is necessary. Other than that, to achieve ideal support your foot shouldn’t be moving internally if that happens your foot will be sliding on footbed during quick changes in movements.

The midsole is designed in such a way that it cups your foot at heel, medial and lateral side of the shoe.

Another feature of the 2 which surprised me was the dynamic lacing system. There are two strands, that run down to the midsole and at the back of the collar and wraps around it.

So when you lace up, it covers most of part of upper like a web and binds all the areas together so there won’t be any dead space left in upper or collar area.

So, the support and lockdown of 2 is decent and gives you perfect stable landings.


The 2 does fit true to size however wide footers just first try them first as the ankle collar is hard to get your foot in at first, but after some break-in time the ankle collar softens up and becomes easy to get in.

But on the positive side, the ankle collar locks your foot perfectly. As I said earlier, two strands run down to the midsole and wrap around the ankle collar so when you lace up the shoes the shoe wraps around your foot like a second skin. Other than that the eyelets cover most of the part of the upper so there is no problem of loose fit anymore.

There is a lot of padding around ankle collar, tongue and inner areas of the show so it eliminates all the dead space so your foot won’t roll over the footbed.

The fitting of the 2 is just awesome. For narrow footers, it fits true to size however for wide footers I would recommend you to go for half a size up.


Nike made some improvement since last the UF 1. It definitely needs some improvements though. The full-length ZOOM Air unit would be better.

But hey it has a lot to offer. The premium quality rubber, lightweight knitted upper, two ZOOM Air units and really impressive support makes this shoe worth your money.

The shoe is Hard to get in at first and has sketchy traction. But still, for 75$ it’s not a bad choice. But it’s up to you if this one’s for you or not.

4. Under Armour Drive 4 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Drive 4 Basketball Shoes

Many of you may not know that the Under Armour started it shoes from Clutchfit Drive models, but then the curry took over.

This is the Fourth model of Clutchfit Drive. But it’s a shame that the Under Armour didn’t feature a Clutchfit upper in Drive 4.

But the drive 4 really stands out from its predecessors in so many ways. If you like the previous drive model, then you are gonna love these shoes for sure.

  • Weight: 377 g. / 13.29 oz
  • Type: High Top
  • Colorways: 20+
  • Fit: True to Size
  • Retail Price: $115
  • Tech: Micro-G
  • Solid performance on indoor courts as well as outdoor courts.
  • The herringbone pattern used here gripped very well on dusty courts.
    The outsole rubber is durable enough to last longer outdoors.
    Materials are very stretchy and durable.
  • For better comfort and fit the upper area needs some break-in time.
  • The full-length cushioning would be better.


So the Under Armour has used here conventional full-length herringbone pattern which is the best pattern in my opinion because it makes the outsole very thick, deep and pretty durable.

No matter on which court you play the grip and traction was solid. Here the groove in the pattern isn’t tighter so the dust won’t easily accumulate in the grooves as quickly as in tighter grooves pattern; thus minimal wiping is needed.

As the pattern of this shoe is very aggressive, it grips really hard on the floor thus giving you the perfect traction.

This is the perfect pick for outdoor players since the outsole is tacky and durable enough to last longer.


At first, Under Armour was using charged cushioning in their shoes. It isn’t that bad, its soft cushy and absorbs the impact. But it isn’t MICRO-G. MICRO-G, on the other hand, is perfect cushioning material. It not only absorbs the impact but its harder foam keeps you stable during your landings.

The Drive 4 features the MICRO-G cushioning system in heel and the forefoot, its just straight EVA. And the midsole is a combination of Phylon and soft EVA material.

Because there is no MICRO-G in forefoot here, the cushioning is average in the forefoot area but on the positive side it gives you low to ground ride and responsiveness is there too

I wish that it would be best if the full-length MICRO-G cushioning were in forefoot also. The cushion could be a lot better but what we do get isn’t bad at all.

In addition to cushioning in the heel, the inner area of the shoe is made of EVA sockliner which is pretty soft and provides the underfoot cushioning.

So the guards who are quick and don’t get up in the air will love how fast forefoot moves but the forefoot heavy players and high flyers who like the crazy bouncy effect this isn’t for you.


This is the fourth model of the drive series. Don’t know why they didn’t feature the ClutchFit upper in UA Drive 4. It performed really well in the past three models.

This is a High-top version of Drive 4. If you do not like the High-top version, then there is a Low-top version available too.

The upper of the shoe is made of textile mesh and has a vast fuse overlay on it for additional durability and to give the stretchiness to the upper area. And the inner area and collar area are reinforced by neoprene.

The outsole features the high-quality rubber and, the insole is entirely EVA. Then there is reinforced lace loops and full-length bootie construction for additional support.

The moment you put on this shoe you can feel that the material is soft and lightweight. What I like most about the materials is the little padded area in the medial forefoot and collar area which very comfortable.

At first, the collar area gave me some discomfort but after some break-in time the materials began to soften up, and the collar area felt better. So like I said earlier if you don’t like the high-top version then go for the low-top version of Drive 4.

So overall, the materials in Drive 4 aren’t that bad but aren’t amazing either. This is what you can expect for this price point.


The straight line looking area in midsole and outsole is actually a torsional shank. Basically, the tortional shank is a plate running from heel to midfoot which keeps your shoe from bending weirdly during quick changes in movements.

You will get better support if your foot doesn’t move internally. With the high-level lacing and heel cup, your foot won’t be moving internally.

To enhance the supporting system further a large heel counter is there which locks your heel immediately. The high midsole is excellent, and it just absorbs your foot in footbed thus gives you the perfect support.

When you lace up your shoes, the high ankle collar and tongue should be very supportive, but the thing is the ankle collar is stiff, so the break-in time is needed. Other than that the broad, flat outsole is perfect for stable landing and support.

Overall the support and containment of Drive 4 are decent.


The Drive 4 fits true to size, and if you are a wide footer, I would recommend you to go half a size up.

Keep in mind that the materials in upper, right above the midfoot area is tight at first when you put them on, it requires some break-in time to soften up.

Once you lace up nicely, there won’t be any dead space left on side areas however there is some dead space in the toe box, at least I felt it. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know, so I would recommend you to try it first.

Inner paddings help a lot to get a perfect fit as if you are a narrow footer. So the empty space on side areas will be filled by the paddings; thus your foot will not move internally. Compared to other shoes the Drive 4 has a broader base so for wide footers this pair ideal.

The ankle collar here is a big help here as it provides the main support. The collar area and tongue has a nice and comfortable interior padding, so once you lace up tightly the shoe wraps around your foot nicely.

Overall, the shoe fits perfectly and like I said the shoe needs some break-in time for materials to soften up.

Bottom Line

The Drive 4 has all the features that one typical basketball shoe can probably have at the very affordable price range.

Drive 4 has some pros and some cons too. The fit and materials need some work other than that the traction is decent, outsole durability is pretty solid, upper is very lightweight, and support was great too.

Shoes for wide footers are very rare to come by these days, but the drive 4 has a big surprise for you. This shoe is a perfect fit for wide footers as well as narrow footers.

So if you are a player looking for outdoor basketball shoes which have low to the ground ride, excellent impact protection and decent cushioning with a perfect fit for wide footers, then this is the best choice for you.

5. Anta KT3 Basketball Shoes

Anta KT3 Basketball Shoes

Before we get started, I would like to mention that this review is on the solid rubber version of KT3. Unlike the translucent rubber version, this version is specially made for outdoor gaming.

WEIGHT: 14.42 oz / 370.2 g






  • Multi-directional traction is phenomenal
  • Upper of the shoe is soft and comfy
  • Cushioning is excellent especially in the heel area
  • The solid rubber outsole performs very well outdoor and doesn’t need any wiping at all.
  • Break-in time is needed to get used to heel to toe drop
  • Other than design feature, Ankle strap is useless


The materials in KT line is improving significantly in next models. The KT3 has the finest material compared to previous two models.

In KT3 full length knit from upper to heel backed nylon material is used. The nylon material backing inside the shoe reduces the breathability of the shoe, but on the positive side due to nylon backing, it starches very well during any movements, so the pair becomes very durable.

The anta has its own version of knit, it doesn’t have a fancy name like Flyknit or Primeknit, but it does the job.

The upper of the shoe is not stiff like other shoes, so it provides the space for your forefoot for better comfort. A lot of padding is used in the collar area and inside the shoe.

The midsole is made of EVA, TPU is used in the lateral midsole cage and the external heel cup at the back of the shoe, which provides lateral and vertical containment.

Moving on, we have here a little ankle lock design on the collar which doesn’t do any good in locking the ankle. It is just a design feature, although you can use the customized lock for the fancy look of a shoe.

Overall, the materials used in KT3 is pretty durable and lightweight.


The Anta has used traditional herringbone pattern in KT1 and KT2, but in KT3 instead of using herringbone pattern, they used the fingerprint style design for multidirectional traction and grip.

When you have a multidirectional circular pattern, it provides you traction in almost every direction, no matter how quick changes you make while moving. Thanks to this pattern you don’t have to worry about slippage on the court during your game.

Another notable feature about this shoe is that the traction pattern goes upward to the midsole so what it does is, when you make lateral or side to side movements, the midsole toches the floor at that time it will need some grip to support your changes in movements.

So the traction pattern on midsole comes in handy so that you can execute your movements pretty efficiently.

In different colorways the rubber outsole is different. This review is on the solid rubber outsole version. For outdoor I recommend this version because the solid rubber is pretty durable outdoors compared translucent rubber version and clear rubber version, and you need minimal wiping outdoors.

Because of tackiness of rubber in the outsole, the grip and traction of this shoe are excellent, and the overall performance is solid.


The cushioning system Anta used here is Standard EVA foam pad with two different density foam pads in heel and forefoot. They call it Anta-eve.

In the forefoot, first of all, there is one layer of primary EVA carrier then the second layer is different density foam pad, and for the heel, it is same however it is double stacked. The double stacking increases the cushioning in the heel area, and it absorbs almost any impacts during your landings.

Because the heel is double stacked, the heel of the shoe will feel a little bit higher than the forefoot, in short, will feel remarkably lower to the ground. Unlike runners shoe, this isn’t noticeable in the basketball shoes. This doesn’t negatively affect the performance of footwear in any way. After some time you will get used to it.

A lot of cushioning pads are used around the ankle area and in the inner space of the shoe. Other than that the insole material of the shoe is so soft, that it increases the cushioning of the shoe drastically.

Overall impact protection and responsiveness are great. So if you are a forefoot heavy striker or shooter than you will love this shoe.


In terms of support, I had no problems at all in KT3.

In KT3 Anta has extended the TPU outrigger which ensures that your foot remains locked down and caged in footbed, so you don’t slip during stoppages and quick changes in movement.

Another notable feature of the KT3 is the midfoot chassis located between midfoot and heel. So what it does is, it connects the upper of the shoe to the midsole. So when you make v-cuts or quick stoppages, your forefoot is going to feel free and not restricted whatsoever.

There is one internal heel counter at the back of the shoe. It keeps your foot from rolling over the footbed. Then there is torsional plate right below the midfoot for additional support.

As I said earlier the removable ankle lock doesn’t do any good in terms of support, it’s just a design feature.


One of the best features of the KT3 is a comfort.

The insole of the shoe is pretty soft, the material of upper isn’t stiff so it provides the expansion your foot needs so your foot won’t feel like, something is stuffed in a beg very tightly.

One of the best feature in terms of comfort is that soft material at the back of the shoe. It completely bends when you move your foot backward so your Achilles won’t hurt.

Other than that there is a lot of padding is used near the collar area, tongue area and inner areas of the shoe for comfortability. Other than that the upper material is soft and breathable.


KT3 fits true to size so I would recommend you to go true to size no matter what your foot shape is.

Anta used a traditional lacing system for perfect fit and does help in adjusting the fitting of the shoe.

But wait, what about the ankle collar strap. It is for securing the ankle and for lockdown purpose. AT least anta says it so. But, but, other than tightening up your ankle collar it doesn’t do any good in terms of securing your foot or lockdown.

Because of inside padding if your foot is a little bit narrower, don’t worry it will fit perfectly. I never felt like the fit was sloppy. Once you break into the shoe, the fit is perfect.

The KT3 is the best shoes for wide footers as well as narrow footers. Just go true to size, and you will not have any problems in fitting at all.


Without a doubt, the Anta Kt3 is one of the best shoe out there.

The full length knit upper backed by nylon material increases its durability and starchiness.

Traction is phenomenal indoor as well as outdoor too. It performed really really well on dusty courts.

And in terms of the durability of an outsole, this solid rubber outsole version of KT3 is beastly. It is going to last longer outdoors more than you think.

Here the heel double stacked so if you are a player who uses his heel a lot during the basketball game, then this shoe will give a cloud-like feeling.

The Kt3 needs some work in cushioning in the forefoot area. Because the heel in double stacked you may feel low to the ground. This isn’t perfect shoe, but hey none of them are.

So if you are looking for a shoe which is durable enough for outdoor gaming and gives you a stable ride, then this is the best choice for you.

6. Nike Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoes

Nike Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoes

  • Weight : 370 G. / 13.02 OZ
  • Type : Mid Top
  • Retail Price : $120
  • Fit : True to Size
  • Colorways : 20+

The Tech

  • Zoom Air
  • Cushlon Midsole
  • Flywire
  • Teeth Design on Midsole for Better Traction
  • Chuslon material and ZOOM Air units give you the perfect cushioning
  • Traction pattern on midsole increases traction during lateral movements
  • Durable with Solid support and performance
  • For extra stability and support suede panel, synthetic leather panel and flywire are used.
  • Needs a little bit of wiping on dusty courts
  • Lengthy break-in time


When it comes to traction the Nike is pretty reliable. In Kyrie 4 we have Full length multi-directional aggressive herringbone pattern, personally, I am a fan of the herringbone traction pattern.

Except for making the outsole more flexible, the spiral pattern cut out in the outsole doesn’t do much, it’s just a design feature.

The rubber compound of the outsole gives the solid grip, and the best thing about the outsole of Kyrie 4 is that it doesn’t attract too much dust.

However, You will need some wiping on dusty floors, But if you keep them nice and debris-free, they will work just fine.

The interesting thing in Kyrie 4 is teeth design on the midsole. There is a traction pattern which not only wraps at the outsole, but it goes upward to the midsole, a little bit to the upper and the lateral sides of the shoe

This teethy design on the midsole is a mind-blowing feature if you are a forefoot heavy player.

So what this design does is when you move side to side with quick changes the midsole of the shoe touches the floor at that time you will need the highest possible grip and traction. So, this teeth design traction will give you grip and prevents slipping, and it will give you the advantage of executing your move without interruption

Overall, the rubber material of outsole is pretty hard so you can use them outdoors and After every play, the traction gets better.


In Kyrie 4 the mesh material is used for forefoot, which backed by the fuse/nylon layer which restricts a lot of air low but on the other side it increases the strength of the shoe, so I think it’s a fair trade.

The mesh material does feel cheap on the front of the shoe but except that rest of footwear is made out of premium materials.

At the back of the shoe, there is a large suede panel in the heel and collar. And at the back of the heel, we have a synthetic leather which adds a layer to the Kyrie 4

While toe box in Kyrie 4 is meshed material, the toe box here prevents the material from ripping out of the upper.

Also, to increase stability and support, a small synthetic leather panel is attached to the heel.

The Nike took a step further by adding flywire cables connected to the upper of shoes which provides support during sharp cuts.

So the materials and build quality are pretty decent, and a lot of layering has been used.


Nike made a lot of improvement from Kyrie 3 to Kyrie 4 in my opinion. Not only they bring back ZOOM Air units in the heel, but they also added a cushion in the forefoot.

The cushion foam in the forefoot not only gives you a lot of impact protection but it provides the responsiveness and plush ride you need. In addition to the cushion, the Zoom Air unit in Kyrie 4 has made more prominent and feels so fluffy now.

The entire midsole is made of cushion material. The cushioned midsole is way more comfortable than average phylon midsole, The reason being that the cushion has higher rubber content than regular phylon.

So, with the cushioned midsole, you end up with a super comfortable heel to toe transition.

If you prefer using your heel during the game, then the ZOOM Air unit is there however if you happen to use your forefoot then cushion material will provide you the best impact protection and bouncy like effect.

So if you want a low profile with quick response and a little bit of bouncy effect, then this shoe is the perfect choice for you.

Fit & Comfort

The Kyrie 4 is True to size and if you have ever tried any Kyrie before then go for that same size as all the Kyrie model has a similar design. But for wide footers, I would recommend you to go for half size up.

We have here traditional lacing system for perfect fit and locking of the foot.

You have got a lot of padding in the heel, collar and internal area of the shoe. This main advantage of this padding is that you don’t have to get a perfect fit like curry 4.

If your foot is a little bit narrower than, this padding will fill up that dead space thus gives you the perfect fit.

Except for perfect fit, this internal padding also gives the comfort, and it locks your foot on the footbed and ensures that your foot doesn’t slam into the toe box.

As far as the comfort goes, the collar of shoe breaks into two stiff points at the back of the shoe. These two points were digging into my Achilles, so it gave me a little bit of pain and discomfort, but as the shoe started to break in, it started to felt a bit softer and softer and didn’t hurt as bad.

However some people may feel this discomfort or may not feel this at all, I guess it just varies from person to person in my opinion.

Other then that I had no problems with the shoe at all, the fit was dead on, no side to side spaces and it’s quite comfortable.

Support, Stability, and Lockdown

The Kyrie 4 features the Rounded outsole design for a buttery smooth heel to toe transition while maintaining stability.

As I mentioned earlier, the teethy design on midsole gives you extra support, traction and enhances the responsiveness during lateral and side to side movements, so if you are a player who likes to make quick changes in direction, then you are going to love this shoes.

The Zig-zag flex grove helps the Kyrie to keep in contact with the floor at all time during any movements of the wearer.

The lockdown is great on Kyrie 4 with the combination of flywire cable and traditional lacing system along with the internal heel counter which makes sure that your foot is perfectly locked in and doesn’t roll over the footbed and gives you a perfect fit which in turn increases the support.

The stability of this shoe is exceptional without an outrigger since the grip of the outsole is nice, and it runs all the way up to the midsole.

Overall, the support, stability, and lockdown of Kyrie 4 are better compared to the Kyrie 3.


The Kyrie 4 has improved significantly compared to previous Kyrie line models

You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on sneakers; this sneaker right here has all the features that one can probably have at this affordable price range.

There are a lot of options available in the market for lower and higher price range, but for 120$ it has premium material, reliable performance, and lower price range compared to its competitors.

Overall, the traction and grip are amazing because of that of teeth design on the midsole, Fit, Comfort & lockdown is decent, transition in buttery smooth, cushioning is there, and the outsole is pretty durable so it will last longer in outdoor courts. The Kyrie 4 comes in a lot of colorways. Go check it out.

7. Nike Lebron Soldier 11 Basketball Shoes

Nike Lebron Soldier 11 Basketball Shoes

The Nike soldier 9 performed very well, but the soldier 10 had the distinction of being named the worst shoe of 2016. But the soldier 11 made an entry with fantastic performance. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

  • Type: High Top
  • Fit: True to Size
  • Available Colors : 34
  • Retail Price : $140


  • 4-strap lockdown lacing system
  • Lightweight Phylon midsole with ZOOM Air unit in forefoot and heel areas
  • internal and external heel counter with double outrigger set up
  • Premium materials like Nubuck, Nylon mesh mudguard, and suede overlay
  • The shoe is true to size
  • With the new laceless design, you can make adjustments on the fly
  • The traction requires minimum wiping and performs well on the dusty courts too
  • Decent zoom feel after break-in
  • Improved support and stability in forefoot and heel area
  • The nylon mesh mudguard and suede overlay used here is excellent
  • Traction pattern in the middle of outsole slips just a bit
  • The heel is a little bit narrow and wobbly due to protruding Zoom but still stable


The Nike LeBron soldier 11 comes with a triangle style traction pattern which not only looks better but actually works pretty decent.

When doing v-cuts, jab-steps, and step-backs, you will feel very comfortable. However during in & outs or any side to side movements where there is no footwork required, the medial portion of the outer sole starts to slip just a little bit. This isn’t a significant problem, but it is something I noticed during my game.

The outsole of the shoe is made of translucent rubber. The shoe performed very well on clean courts, no slippage problems at all.

But on dusty courts, it does pick up some dust but it surprised me though, it held up on dusty floors without much wiping at all, and it worked pretty well.

Like almost every shoe, you will have to wipe occasionally, but after break-in time you will feel the grip and traction of this pair.

Overall, the rubber compound on the outsole is super durable, and it grips very well, so it is the best shoe for outdoor players.


Nike decided to go for an upgrade in their new model LeBron soldier. Instead of using hexogen Air units they used the ZOOM air units in the heel and forefoot area of LeBron soldier 11.

The midsole of the shoe is made of Phylon which is lightweight and gives you a bouncy sensation.

The heel unit is bigger than the forefoot unit, but you are not going to know the difference. The ZOOM Air unit provides solid impact protection and responsiveness if you have used zoom before you will exactly know what you are getting.

Overall, the cushioning and impact protection of soldier 11 is great, and it is specially made for
Heavier players or guards who need plenty of impact protection.


Before we continue our review, I would like to mention that this review is on the premium version of soldier 11.

Basically, there are two versions of soldier 11. One is the premium version which retails for 140 $ and other is a non-premium version which retails 130$.

Everything on both versions is pretty much identical except for the material used in mudguard and the overlay of the shoe.

In the non-PRM version, the shoe comes with the ballistic nylon mesh mudguard whereas in the PRM version the nylon mesh mudguard is replaced by luxurious nubuck mudguard.

The non-PRM version features the mesh overlay, and the PRM version features the suede overlay. Both overlays perform very well; it’s just that the suede overlay is too good to pass up.

There are some extra loopholes in the PRM version which is just a design feature and increases the breathability

The nubuck is more awesome, super soft and it gives that premium feel, and after a little break in time, it is even more enjoyable. I would suggest you go for PRM version, of course, it would cost you 10$ more, but the material and colorway is just too eye-catching.


The support area of soldier 11 has been improved and modified since the soldier 10.

As I mentioned earlier the support of the shoe comes from two things, first being the fir and the second is firm heel counter.

Something I noticed interesting in the shoe is traditional outrigger and midfoot outrigger for better stability.

Your support on the shoe increases if your foot remains on the footbed, so your foot has to be correctly locked on to the footbed. Here heel, forefoot area, and lacing system play a major role in securing your foot on footbed ensuring better support.

There is a torsional V-plate right below the midfoot area within the midsole, And the internal and external heel counter adds extra support to the heel.

Other than that the upper is very supportive, doesn’t stretch and midfoot support and ankle support is above average.


So Nike is adding additional strap in each year’s model. In soldier 9 there were two straps, then in 10 there were three straps, and now in 11, there are four straps in the lacing system.

The main advantage of strap lacing system is that you can adjust the straps of the shoes during your game very quickly compared to the conventional lacing system.

But I think they did a great job in soldier 11 by adding one additional strap. The four different straps allow the wearer to isolate each section so you can tighten or loosen the upper according to your comfort.

In this lacing system, the first one strap is to secure the forefoot area, whereas the middle two straps are designed to lock down your midfoot area, and the upper strap secures the ankle so you can make it tight or loose as you want.

After some usage, the material of shoe will soften up and eventually you will lose the tight fit and incredibly soft pillow like experience.

Also, there is a little space in the toe box so your toe won’t slam into the front of the sneaker.

So for wide footers, I would suggest going for half size up, but for narrow or regular feet owners I would suggest you to go true for size.

Bottom line

The performance of these shoe has improved significantly compared to the older soldier models.

The pretty hard rubber and durable nubs in the center of outsole increase the life of soldier 11 outdoors.

For 140$ this pair is a pretty decent one. Overall it has solid performance, perfect cushioning and great fit. This pair is best for guards as well as massive players who need a lot of impact protection and support.

8. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour is continuously improving their product for better performance and comfort and this time they introduced a new curry line model Curry 3. Let’s take a look at performance review of curry 3.

  • TYPE: Mid Top
  • RETAIL PRICE: $140
  • FIT: True to Size


  • Threadborne and Anafoam Upper
  • Carbon Fibre Wings
  • Internal Heel Counter
  • Carbon Fibre Shank
  • Charged Foam
  • Carbon fiber material used here provides excellent support and durability
  • Charged cushioning enhances comfort and increases court feel
  • Upper is made out of quality material
  • The pair is breathable and lightweight
  • The laces and heel needs some time to break in
  • On dusty courts, some wiping is needed for better traction


Under Armour has always been fantastic when it comes to traction on its basketball models.

The curry 3 features the full-length herringbone pattern for better traction. The traction pattern of curry 3 performed better than Clutchfit drive1/2 and curry 2.

The rubber compound used in curry 3 is stronger, more durable and extremely tacky for outdoor gaming. The pair gripped on the floor very well, and it has good stopping power.

Traction on clean floors is decent, but the groves are a little shallow, so the dust accumulates in it on dirty floors, so just a few wipes and you are good to go.

Curry 3 is great pairs for outdoor too as it worked just fine for me and the traction should last a decent amount of time thanks to the relatively firm rubber compound.


The curry 3 features the charged cushioning and an ortholite insole. The cushion setup is very responsive, super stable and it doesn’t compromise your comfort and speed at all.

For better cushioning, the charged foam is used in curry 3. The main advantage of this foam is that it changes according to your movements so the cushioning seems to get firmer and responsiveness and comfort increases dramatically in curry 3.

The main advantage of this foam is that it changes according to your movements so the cushioning seems to get firmer and responsiveness and comfort increases dramatically.

The impact protection here is decent, so if you are a player that uses quick changes in direction to get past your defenders, the curry 3’s cushioning is ideal for you.


The support of curry 3 is near perfect with the only issue being that you have to get your right shoe size, the reason being that if the pair isn’t an ideal fit for you, then your foot will move inside the shoe so you won’t get enough support.

The support of curry 3 not only comes from fit and lock down but, there are many features that help you to achieve better support.

First of all, there are carbon wings. These wings provide the lateral support as the footbed doesn’t sit into midsole a lot. Then there is a heel counter which surprisingly lights and keeps your keeps your foot secure and in place while playing.

Next, there is carbon fiber shank in the midfoot for torsional support, and the rounded outsole in the heel provides a smooth heel to toe transition.

The lacing system does a great job here by keeping your foot to be locked in for better support. If you’re a quick guard who needs a lot of support to absorb most of the impact forces due to sudden movements, then the curry 3 is must have for you.


The fit of shoe varies from person to person, so I would recommend going true to size, you can find out your true size by trying the shoe in local stores before getting it.

This pair does require some break-in time for lacing system and heel.

There is no dead space in toe box or side so your foot will fit in the shoe. Because of that, your foot won’t move internally during games.

The heel collar and tongue is simple; there is no heavy padding, no Achilles pillows, just a slightly contoured notch on the collar.

The lacing system here is great. There are four individual eyelets in the shoes which provide great lockdown and ensures that your foot is secure and locked in.

Overall, the curry 3 is a great fit; the inside padding feels very comfortable and lacing system adds a nice support and excellent comfort in the midfoot area.


The upper of curry 3 is made from Threadborne, and the heel and sides of the pair are integrated with AnaFoam material.

The upper of this pair loosens up nicely, and it is still very resilient and holds you in the shoe when making cuts.

The antifoam material is super comfortable, enhances lockdown, and it stretches where support is needed especially in the heel area, and it takes no break-in time.

Bottom line

Overall, the UA curry 3 has definitely improved over its previous curry models, and the Under Armour is bringing the best features for their customers.

The upper of the shoe is solid and breathable, and the rubber compound is durable. The heel is very supportive and stable. As I mentioned earlier you will have to find the right size for you then the pair will work like a charm.

Despite the low traction on a dirty court, the overall performance of curry 3 is great, and the rubber outsole of the curry 3 is durable enough to last longer in outdoor courts.

If you want to experience the new curry line or want a curry shoe for outdoors, try this out.

9. Adidas D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoes

Adidas D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoes

  • Weight: 443.6 g. / 17 oz
  • TYPE: Mid-Top
  • FIT: True to Size
  • RETAIL PRICE: $140
  • THE TECH: BOOST, Stable Frame, NON-MARKING Outsole

The Adidas D Rose 6 is one of the perfect shoes for comfort and stability.

The pair comes with a stable frame technology which gives the section support to the midsole for a comfortable guard to your foot.

The upper of the pair is made from synthetic leather for light weight and durability, and the outsole is made from NON-MARKING quality rubber.

Full-length boost with independent boost cartridges in the forefoot and heel gives you the perfect cushioning.

  • Boost cushioning is incredible
  • One of the best-looking pairs
  • Excellent traction
  • Features the stable frame technology for better support and comfort
  • Made from high-quality synthetic leather hence durable
  • Different variants available to choose from
  • Strap lacing system is not that effective
  • Dust can accumulate in the outsole on very dirty courts


Adidas nailed the traction setup once again. When it comes to traction most of the product from Adidas is top notch.

Here, we have herringbone traction pattern on the outer sole. Please do not judge the pattern by its look based on internet footage, it looks like a little shallow but guess what, it grips like crazy.

For better traction, the roughness of outer sole of the shoe and the surface needs to be the same in order to get a perfect interlock between particles of both the surfaces through the magic of physics. Tiny patterns and a rubbery outer sole on the D Rose 6 are perfect in this case.

The outer sole is durable enough to last longer in outdoor courts, and it will provide you a top-notch grip and traction even on dusty courts. You will need to wipe your shoe little bit then and there on the dusty courts other than that you will be just fine on outdoor courts.


Like always the quality of the shoe is excellent. Please note that the material of shoe depends on the colorway in the case of D Rose 6. This review is on the mesh variant(White).

The materials on this colorway look like mesh, but it is actually a mesh overlay on a synthetic base.

The upper is well padded on the interior for better comfort, and the tongue of this shoe features an interesting material finish for a perfect fit.

The materials used here are stiff, so they don’t bend weirdly. The durability of this material is pretty decent, and the ventilation is average.


Incredible. Yes, you heard it right, The cushioning in D Rose 6 is incredible. The cushion system used here is a full-length boost cushion.

There is a ton of boost cushioning used in the heel and forefoot area of the shoe.

The boost cushioning used in the forefoot and heel area is explicitly engineered for basketball movements to ensure comfort, stability, and responsiveness.

Another notable feature of the shoe is Stable midfoot Frame. With this, the forefoot section of the shoe will absorb impact forces and transfer the energy back to foot in a responsive manner.

Hands down to boost cushioning, You will feel very connected to the floor and will be able to move faster during your game.

If you haven’t tried Boost or any other version of Adidas, go out and try it at the store and you’ll see what really exceptional cushioning feels like.

Fit and Support

Let’s talk about the tongue first. The tongue is heavily padded here because without it you will feel an uncomfortable amount of ankle pressure from those lace loops. Also, it will keep your foot locked in, and you will get a perfect fit.

Same as tongue the collar is also padded for ankle comfort and lockdown.

Here, asymmetrical collar design is used which provides a better and added fit and the ankle flexibility on cuts to a wearer.

Because of thicker insole at the forefoot, there is less dead space in the toe box, so there is no issue of side to side or back to side movement.

The midfoot stable frame is perfect moderating piece between two boost units, and it will give you just the right amount of support.

So the fit of D Rose 6 is dead on, and the support here is just mind-boggling.

Price Vs. Quality

There isn’t a lot of awesome shoes at an affordable price anymore. This is one of them. Premium material, Multiple materials, and color choices and solid performance, nothing to complain and everything for $140. Quality wins the price here.


Overall, D Rose 6 shoe is one of the best pairs for outdoor gaming. The flexibility and traction of this shoe are great. It is very stable and supportive when comes to performance. It is well made with durable materials, and the quality of the shoe is magnificent if we compare this to its price range.

10. Nike Men’s Zoom Rev 2017 Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Zoom Rev 2017 Basketball Shoes

  • RETAIL PRICE: $110
  • Good quality textile finishing for durability
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Quality rubber outsole for perfect grip
  • The rev 17 has a surprisingly comfortable and cloud-like cushioning especially after breaking the shoe in
  • The upper and midsole is very lightweight
  • The shoe wraps up around your foot like a second skin
  • The rounded shape of midsole gives you the smooth heel to toe transition
  • The thick padding in ankle collar and tongue works great securing the shoe
  • The wide range of sizes and colors have pretty much everyone covered
  • The pattern on the outsole is very dense and encourages dust buildup
  • Low traction makes it unsuitable for dirty courts
  • Tight midfoot makes it uncomfortable for wide footers


The Nike men’s zoom rev has a full-length herringbone traction pattern. You might think that it would work in all condition but the compound Nike used here isn’t tacky enough.

In the outer sole of the shoe due to the tight space between grooves, the dust will accumulate in the grooves. So if you are playing on a clean floor, the traction will be great, but if the floor has any dust on it, you will find yourself wiping a little bit. But after a little bit of wiping you are good to go.

The traction of this shoe is very good in lateral moves, and the outsole is durable enough to last longer in outdoor courts.


The cushioning is the most surprising part of the zoom rev 17.

The forefoot Zoom Air unit is used for the cushioning in this shoes which is surprisingly comfortable and gives you the springy responsiveness.

The heel is phylon, but you can’t really tell. The Phylon midsole makes this shoe so soft, comfortable and squishy. The outer sole compresses perfectly during landing, and it is very stable while playing.

Another notable feature of this shoe is wavy outside which affects the cushioning very much. When you land on a floor, the midsole wave compresses, allowing the sole to flatten and rebound on impact which gives you the stable landing.


The upper is made out of soft mesh backed by a fragile layer of fuse which increases the breathability and durability of zoom the rev 17.

Also in wear areas of the upper, we have fuse overlays to protect it from falling apart. And It doesn’t compromise the rev’s comfortable setup at all.

The ankle collar is thin everywhere which wraps around your foot perfectly and holds it tight. Also, the tongue is more of the same.

TBoth the tongue and collar areas are heavily padded with foam for the comfort of your ankle.

Fit and Support

The support comes from two things, First being fit and second is midsole.

The midsole is the biggest help here, as it wraps up around the outside of your foot and keeps you centered over the footbed.

The zoom rev has a simple support system. It comprises an internal heel counter with external synthetic overlay in the heel area.

The internal heel counter keeps your foot secure and in place while playing. Also, the outsole adds extra support as it helps you become stable.

If your foot fits in perfectly in the shoe then it will be in place and secure, and it will give your foot perfect support.

The rev wraps up like a second skin on foot and it very comfortable. It is a perfect fit for everyone, and there is no dead space at all.

Available sizes & Colors

The Rev offers a wide range of sizes, starting at US size 6 (9.33 inches/23.7 em heel to toe length) all the way up to US size 18 (13.35 inch/35.9 em heel to toe length). Shoe sizes come with a corresponding narrow, medium, wide or extra-wide broadness.

Users can choose between cool grey-dark, grey-white, black-anthracite gum light brown, Red-white, grey-white and royal-white heel, and body color combinations.

Bottom line

The Zoom rev needs some Little bit wiping on dirty courts, other than that it has solid overall performance in outdoor and indoor courts too.

So if you are looking for an outdoor basketball shoe which will give you a cloud-like ride with great materials and a glove-like fit, then Zoom rev’17 is the best choice for you.

What to know before you buy?

If you are a new buyer who doesn’t know anything about the basketball shoe at all then first you should be aware of all the shoe terminologies like upper, midfoot, midsole, tongue and ankle collar, etc.

So when you are searching for shoes, you can better understand different parts and what they are made of.
You should be aware that in which type of shoes you will be very comfortable. Some people hate the high-top shoes but on the other hand some people level, so it is a personal choice.

If you are a massive forefoot player, then you should use a shoe which has a lot of cushioning in the forefoot, and if you are a striker or guard, then you should buy a shoe which has a lot of cushioning in heel area for better impact protection.

Skill level also matters when buying a basketball shoe. If you are starting out in the basketball game, then you don’t have to choose the premium. Instead, you can work with simple shoe too but if you are a pro player then select the one which has a lot of features.

Factors to consider while choosing outdoor basketball shoes.

Durability of Outsole

This is one of the most important and primary factors to be considered while choosing the outdoor basketball shoe. You are going to play on uneven courts which contains stone dust and so many impurities which are going to affect the rubber of the outsole.

The rubber of the outsole should be durable and resilient enough to handle this otherwise your shoe won’t last long, and your money will be wasted.

Most of the shoes these days are made explicitly for indoor gaming, so it features the soft rubber outsole. But the outsole of outdoor gaming shoes should feature the hard rubber for better durability.


Alright, so traction is something you should be very careful of when choosing the shoe. Because if the traction of the shoe is not gripping well, then you will be slipping a lot during your game.

The traction pattern and grooves on the pattern widely affect the overall traction of the shoe.

If the grooves are spaced very tightly, then dust will accumulate between the slots which result in reduced traction. Also, the traction pattern of the shoe should be such that it covers almost every area of shoe and grips very well on virtually any surface.

So for best traction, the groves on the pattern should be widely spread and should grip on dusty courts.

Stability and support

During the game of basketball when you jump or make quick changes in your movement your foot requires a lot of stability and support to do this.

In order to achieve that you’re selected should have basic stability and support features.

If your shoe has not such features, then you will injure yourself during the game because of quick jumps.

As I said earlier, there are three types of basketball shoes. Low top, Mid-top, and High top.

For better support, you can choose any one of them according to your comfort.


Getting a good shoe is very important, but it should not cost a fortune for just a pair of shoe. So choose wisely.

Some people might think that it is so costly so it should be better but sometimes that is not true.

Try to get a deal when buying online. There is always offers on different sites so check them all before buying any shoe.


The shoe should fit you perfectly otherwise you will not be able to concentrate on your game at all. You will always be worrying about the shoe that I should lace up the shoe tightly, and you will regret buying that shoe.

For the best fit I would suggest you should try the shoe first in near stores then you will get a clear idea of which size to buy.


When buying an outdoor basketball shoe, it all comes down to the comfort of the shoe. The shoe should be comfortable enough that you will be able to enjoy your game to the fullest.

The shoe should contain a lot of padding so your foot won’t slam inside the shoe and it will be locked in perfectly restricting any internal movements.


Types of outdoor basketball shoes.

Low-top shoe:

This shoe is very lightweight compared to other shoes because the materials in collar area have been removed in this shoe. But this shoe won’t give ankle support, but on the positive side, it will increase your speed because it is lightweight.

Mid-top shoe:

In this shoe, the collar area reaches a little bit higher than the low top shoe. Most of the pro players these days choose the mid-top or high-top shoe because it gives them better support and stability. But his shoe also does not offer proper ankle protection.

High-top shoe:

This is the by far most loved shoe. In this, the collar area covers the area above ankle and Achilles. This type of shoe significantly reduces ankle injuries. But this shoe is a little bit heavier than the other one, so this is something you will have to work with.

Advantages of outdoor basketball shoes.

The outdoor basketball shoe has so many advantages then you can count.

The indoor shoes are very soft and prone to wear faster also it does not give you a better grip. But the outdoor shoes are made such a way that it overcomes all these problems.

First of all, it lasts longer than indoor shoes, and you can wear this shoes even indoors too. But you can’t wear indoor shoes in every court.

The dusty courts will give you better traction because of the perfect attraction between the dust and the outsole.


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