Best Manual Coffee Grinders of 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide


There is something special about the handmade coffee, isn’t it??

I am a morning person who needs a coffee first thing in the morning, and I like to make my coffee from grinding to brewing and serving.

Grinding the coffee is the most crucial part of making a coffee. Either electric grinder or manual grinder can do it.

Grinding your coffee by hand grinder is a fine art that is why I love to grind my coffee with a manual hand grinder.

Why go with Manual coffee grinding?

First of all, there are very cheap, let’s accept that. They cost a fraction of money compared to other electric grinders, so if you are aiming to achieve the sizeable consistent batch of coffee on a budget, then the manual mills are the convenient choice.

Second, the manual grinder uses the ceramic burr that is very long lasting and gives you very fine sized coffee grounds compared to electric grinders that use the blades.

Third, the manual grinders don’t have any electric motors, so you don’t have to worry about burnt or malfunctioned motor. Also, they are tiny, compact and lightweight so you can use these when you travel or go camping.

Not only it is easy to grind coffee using the manual grinder, but you can select the grind consistency according to your taste.

Most of the time the manual coffee grinder is a lot cheaper compared to the electric burr grinder, but despite the low price point, the manual grinder has so many advantages.

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If you look for manual grinders on the internet, you’ll find a ton of mills with a variety of new features, sizes, and different functionalities.

If you intend to change the coarseness setting quite often, then you should look for a grinder that is easily adjustable.

You should take into consideration the size of the grinder, how easy it is to hold onto your hands and how quickly you can grind using that particular grinder.

So after testing so many grinders and plenty of research, we have selected The 7 Best Manual Hand Coffee Grinders on the market right now in 2019.

Coffee Grinder Capacity Grind-Settings Check Price
Handground Precision
Editor's Choice
100 Grams 15
Hario Skerton Pro 100 Grams Indefinite
JavaPresse 30 Grams 18
Editor's Choice
50 Grams Indefinite
Porlex Mini 20 Grams 12
Porlex 30 Grams 12
Shanik 20 Grams Indefinite

1. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder – Our Best PickHandground Precision Coffee Grinder

Handground Precision coffee maker is just the best coffee maker on the market. Everything from its durability to performance and consistency is just fabulous.

It looks stunning and stylish, but it is not the good looks that impress me but what impresses me is what lies within.

This is one of the first grinders on the market that comes with a gear driven system to grind the coffee beans with the help of side mounted handle.

I was frustrated with the other grinders because during the grinding process I had to put too much effort into them, but this grinder right here is amazingly good.

It is straightforward to use. Just put your beans into the hopper, adjust your grind setting and turn the handle (it is surprisingly smooth and doesn’t feel like you’re doing heavy arm workout like other grinders).

Unlike most of the coffee grinders, the crankshaft is in the side in this grinder which makes it unique and makes it very easy for your writs to drive it adequately compared to top-mounted handles.

The grinder has actually 15 different coarseness settings using which you can brew any coffee method from cold brew (Super coarse) to espresso (Superfine) just by rotating the wraparound collar.

It comes with the magnetic recipe kind of disk that tells you how many grams of coffee and setting you will need for different coffee recipes.

Also, it comes with a sticky bottom disk that prevents any movements of grinder during the grinding process.

The grinder can hold up to 100 grams of coffee beans, and each line on the blender represents 10 grams of coffee beans which is very useful if you don’t have any scale to measure your beans.

One of the nice thing about buying this coffee maker is the useful guides and tips about numerous recipes available on the internet. Like I said earlier the magnetic recipe disk is a valuable guide to prepare different grind sizes for different coffee flavors as well as it indicates the right amount of quantity you need for different coffee tastes.

And as far as the customer support goes, this company really goes to great lengths to help out their customers who run into problems after the purchase of this product. Also, the product is backed by 1 year of solid warranty, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the product anymore.

Bottom line?
In terms of durability and performance this is the best choice for every coffee lover, but in terms of price point, it is not that cheap. But believe me, if you are looking for the quality coffee grinder that grinds coffee beans into very fine particles with ease and that is easy to use and clean with little effort then this the best choice for you.
  • Durability and performance is on par with other grinders
  • Mounted axel and sticky bottom disk prevents wobbling
  • Side handle makes grinding
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Larger hopper means no refilling problems mid-way
  • Consistent grinding
  • Coarse grinding is a bit difficult
  • Little expensive compared to other grinders

2. Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder – Best Consistent Grinder Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder

Behold, The Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Grinder is here. This is a new improved ‘PRO’ version of the classic model.

The Skerton coffee grinder is portable, compact and it is best suited for traveling and camping. This grinder right here is a basic unit that does it job very perfectly, and it is the best bang for your buck.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the old version because it had too many flows. The selection of grinder setting is a bit difficult, removing handle is frustrating and above all that the shaft is not that much stable.

The main advantage of ‘PRO’ version is that the handle comes off very quickly and a new stabilizing mechanism is added which prevents wobbling to the great extent while grinding. The rubber base is also improved so it will stick to the ground surface and your grinder won’t move a bit.

And above all that the revamped adjustment setting for grinding is straightforward. Just remove the hopper, and you will see an adjustment screw in the bottom, and by rotating it, you can change the grinder setting much easier compared to the old version.

The Hario Skelton grinder incorporates ceramic burr for precise grinding which far better than the steel blade grinders. The hopper can store up to 100 grams of coffee beans so it will be enough for you.

The coffee grounds were precise and consistent then I expected. I was amazed to see that it grinds fine enough coffee grounds for espresso and coarser enough for French press.

Being able to reassemble and disassemble (The hopper can be easily attached or detach to jar) this coffee grinder on the go is very helpful for coffee lovers who like to grind coffee for more than one serving and save it for later.

However, the only thing I didn’t like about this coffee maker is that there is no indicator about the grinding selection. So don’t know how much coarseness you have selected.

But there is way around for this problem too. Rotate the screw and keep track of precise movement. So if the screw is inwards, it will grind the fine coffee, and if the screw is outwards, the coarseness will be high. So if you know this thing, then the rest is child’s play.

Bottom line?
There are no significant drawbacks with this grinder. The Hario makes reliable coffee equipment, and this one is no exception. While the price may be high but this grinder has proven to be one of the best grinders compared to its peers. It is designed for people who want a coffee grinder that is small, reliable and blends the coffee beans without sacrificing the taste.
  • Provides a consistent grind
  • Small and reliable
  • Easy to disassemble and clean (Dishwasher-safe)
  • There is no marking to indicate the grinding setting
  • Struggles a bit with coarse setting

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3. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder – Most Popular Grinder JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The award of one of the best seller and highest rated grinder on Amazon goes to the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. It does not have any fancy features, but still, it does its job flawlessly.

Other companies have made poor models that exactly look alike this JavaPresse grinder so beware of that kind of fake machines.

While the JavaPresse may not have extra bells and whistles but it is an excellent choice for those people who want to buy a great machine with a limited budget.

This is one of the less expensive model compared to any other hand grinder with the ceramic burr inside. The ceramic burrs tend to last longer, and also they are less prone to heat build up compared to the steel blade.

The burr is made up of two revolving surfaces (One rotates while the other one stays in place) in between the coffee is ground.

You have a wide range of 18 grinder settings to choose from, and I think that is more versatility you get compared to any other inexpensive models out there.

Every time you rotate the wheel in the bottom, there is a clicking sound which will help you guide if you want to go from medium to fine grind, and also you don’t have to guess whether the things have correctly lined up or not.
With this grinder, you make 2-3 cups of coffee easily, and it takes about 3-4 minutes for grinding process. (An average person should be able done in 2 minutes.)

2 Minutes is very less grinding time compared to other grinders and what makes it unique is hand crank which is very easy to turn and comes off very easily when you want to put some beans in the hopper.

Including hand crank, hopper and ground compartment all are detachable, and the product itself is so small and compact, so it is a perfect choice for hiking, outdoor trip or camping. Also, there is a transparent screen in the steel ground compartment so you can see when it is going to be full.

The most significant advantage of this grinder is its customer service. They go above and beyond to keep the promise they had made when you purchased their product, and that is customer satisfaction.

There was a weak plastic part in old JavaPresse models, so company replaced all the older models with new updated parts for free, thumbs-up to their customer service.

While it may not be consistent in fine grinding as other expensive models but it is a cheap model that gets it job done for newcomers and casual users.

The JavaPresse grinder is FDA approved, and it is covered with 100% money back guaranty for entire 1 year.

Bottom line?
It is by far one of the most compact and inexpensive grinders in our list. In a nutshell, it is durable, reliable and well worth the money. Because it is tiny and easy to disassemble, it is the first choice of any hiker and camper. So if you are looking for a grinder that fast enough to prepare the coffee grounds before even the water starts boiling with consistent grinding and the blender that has great value for its money then this is the one for you.
  • Relatively cheap compared other models
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning purpose.
  • Lightweight and easy to pick
  • Very reliable and less noisy
  • You will have to learn the adjustment settings first

4. Hario Ceramic Mini Mill Coffee Grinder – Best Affordable Grinder Hario Ceramic Mini Mill Coffee Grinder

Hario has launched its new coffee grinder that is compact and has superior quality yet very budget friendly.
Need a coffee for two? Well, the Hario Mini Slim Hand Coffee Grinder got you covered. This coffee grinder is small enough to become your travel companion.

The Hario Mini Mill and Porlex Mini have a lot in common. They both features the ceramic burrs and both are small and lightweight.

But the Porlex Mini is bit smaller then the Hario Mini, so if you are looking for grinder solely for travelling purpose, then I would say that the Porlex has an edge.

But if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on Porlex and looking for an alternative that is small and compact, then Hario Mini Mill is the best choice for you.

This coffee grinder is made out of durable plastic materials, and ceramic burr does a great job no matter if it is fine grinding or coarse grinding.

The ceramic burr is very well designed for better grind consistency and prepares a great coffee in less than 2 minutes.

The adjustment setting for grinding is same as most of the coffee makers. To change the grinding setting, you have to turn the nut located at the bottom of the hopper. Each turn in the counterclockwise direction makes a grinder setting a bit coarser followed by a distinct ‘Click’ sound.

To adjust the coarseness always attach the handle first and hold it tight and then after rotate the nut, so it will be effortless for you to turn the nut.

The main advantage of this coffee grinder is its convenience. It is so lightweight, compact and easy to handle. Once you remove the bottom the hopper can be easily attached to Aeropress so this makes it very travel-friendly and easy to clean.

Unlike other coffee grinders, in this grinder, the handle on the top comes off very easily so you can store it anywhere which makes it a great choice.

Be aware that the machine has a learning curve on the fineness setting. You will need a hands-on experience at first and after it will be a child’s play. Also, this machine grinds a coffee for two so if you need a coffee day and night, then I wouldn’t recommend this machine.

Bottom line?
The Hario Mini is the cheapest yet premium quality grinder in our list. It is more than capable of being a travel companion. It does have some shortcomings, but at this insanely low price, you can’t expect it to be the best grinder in the world. That being said if you are looking for a grinder that is consistent, small and easy to operate then look no further.
  • Low cost
  • Consistent grind
  • Compact and Small size makes it an excellent choice for traveling
  • Premium quality parts and durable
  • Need to learn first how to adjust the grind setting
  • The user manual is available in Japanese

5. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder – Best for travellingPorlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as having a great coffee maker set up on the go right, but what will you do when you are travelling?

Find a local coffee shop and enjoy your morning coffee…BUT what about when you go hiking or camping?
At that time the Porlex mini coffee grinder comes in handy because it is very small so you can easily carry it in your backpack.

The whole body of Porlex is made out of stainless steel, so basically, it is indestructible. It is one of the smallest grinders out there and easily fits into Aeropress.

The Porlex incorporates a ceramic burr that easily grinds the coffee beans into fine particles. The ceramic burrs tend to last longer and also they are less prone to heat buildup compared to the steel blade.

The handle is very easy to rotate and remove so you wouldn’t have any problems during the grinding process.

The durability isn’t the only pulse point of this grinder but instead what it makes unique are its performance and functionality.

The adjustment of grinding setting and grinding process itself is straightforward and top of that it prepares 20 grams of coffee grounds in just 2 minutes.

It has 13 different grinder settings to choose from which you can set by rotating the screw at the bottom of the hopper. And whenever you turn it, you will hear a clicking sound so you can determine whether you want to go from medium to fine or coarse setting.

The grinding is consistent whether you choose French press, Aeropress or Pour over coffee you will get a perfect coffee grounds every time.

The hopper can only stores up to 20 grams of coffee so if you a coffeeholic who needs a lot of coffee then this might not be for you.

The only drawback of this coffee grinder is that it is small so can’t accommodate more than 20 grams of coffee, but on the other hand, it is an advantage for campers and hikers who need a smaller grinder that they can easily carry with them.

Bottom line?
The Porlex Mini Stainless Steel coffee grinder is travel-friendly and makes a 2 to 3 cups of consistent ground coffee in just 2 minutes without too much effort.
  • Very durable and lightweight
  • Great for traveling
  • Because of the ‘SMALL’ size, you can easily store it anywhere.
  • Build quality is high
  • Small capacity

6. Porlex Jp-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder – Expensive yet powerfulPorlex Jp-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

When I hear Porlex the first thing comes to my mind is the quality and trust. It lasts so long that you will choose the products of this company over and over again.

Despite the Japanese brand, the products of Porlex are pretty durable and premium quality.

Porlex JP-30 is the bigger version of Porlex Mini. The JP-30 can store up to 30 grams of beans in the hopper so you wouldn’t have to worry if your friends tag along on the hiking.

Just like the Mini version, the whole body of JP-30 is made out of stainless steel, and the hand crank is a bit longer, so it will help you generate more leverage to speed up the grinder.

The JP-30 features the conical ceramic burr that helps you get the consistent grinding no matter if it is a super fine grind or coarse grind. Because it doesn’t wear out so quickly the ceramic burr has the longest lifespan compared to the steel blade.

The Porlex hand burr grinder features 12 settings for different choices of grinds from extra fine (Turkish coffee) to coarser (French Press). The settings are adjusted using the ‘Nut’ located at the bottom of the hopper.

To change the grinding setting to coarser, rotate the nut in the counter-clockwise direction and by distinct ‘clicking sound’ you can keep track of the coarseness setting.

Unlike other grinders the handle comes off very easily, it is plug and grind machine. Also, the hopper can be easily fitted to the Aeropress so you are planning to use this machine on travelling will be your perfect travel companion.

The all parts of this grinder including hand crank, hopper, and grind catcher are removable so you can easily store it anywhere or you can easily store it in your backpack during travelling or hiking.

The anti-static hopper and bean catcher prevents coffee grinds from sticking to the side and also the internal stainless surface makes it very easy to clean after grinding.

The only thing I don’t like about this grinder is its opening. It is too narrow that if you don’t put your beans carefully in it then will end up spilling your beans all over the place.

If you are worried about the lifespan of this machine, then let me tell that this machine will outlive you. The stainless steel body and ceramic burr make this machine invincible, and on top of that, this machine is backed by 1 year of warranty.

Bottom line?
The initial price might be high for you, but given the high consistency and overall quality, it’s worth the money. The Porlex JP-30 is one of the compact and portable machines out there. It fits perfectly into Aeropress making it a great choice for traveling as well as regular use.
  • Great value for money
  • Consistent grinding
  • Because of the stainless steel body, this machine is easy to clean
  • Compact and Small size
  • The device can be easily fitted into the Aeropress
  • The mouth of the hopper is narrow
  • Sometimes the body feels slippery

7. Shanik Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder – Cheap yet Premium QualityShanik Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

The Shanik coffee grinder is specially made for outdoor enthusiasts. This coffee grinder is lightweight, sleek and compact yet affordable.

The whole body of grinder including hand crank is made out of stainless steel so basically, it is indestructible.
It features a ceramic burr grinder that ensures the consistent grinding, and it lasts longer compared to the steel blade.

The built-in adjustable grind selector helps you change the grind setting for different coffee tastes from Turkish coffee (Superfine) to French press (Coarse).

To change the grind setting simply rotate the knob located at the bottom of the hopper in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

The purchase includes a silicon lid which keeps the remaining coffee fresh. Also, you will get a velvet beg to store the grinder in it.

Also, the grinder features a measured container so you can measure the coffee grind you if you don’t have any scale.

All parts of the grinder are easily removable, so it is very portable which makes it an ideal choice for campers and hikers.

A silicone grip is added to prevent any slippage while grinding and also you can store the handle in that grip which is very useful.

Because the whole body of this machine is stainless steel, the cleaning of this machine is so easy.
The opening of the hopper is narrow so put your beans carefully in it otherwise, you will end up spilling the beans all over.

Bottom line?
The insanely low price of this coffee grinder can’t be ignored. The Shanik coffee grinder is competing with some of the top brands. It is a primary machine with some great features. It is durable, consistent and makes a quick cup coffee and above all that it is very sleek and compact, so it is the best grinder for travelers or hikers who like to serve a coffee on the go.
  • Low cost
  • Easy to clean
  • Very small and compact
  • Best for travelers, hikers, and campers
  • Stainless steel parts of this machine will outlive you
  • The opening of the hopper is narrow


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