The 7 Best GPS Trackers for CAR and Personal use in 2019


Are you worried about the well fare of your kids, elderly, cars or pets or if something will bad happen to them and do you want to keep close tabs on them? At that time GPS (Global positioning system) tracking device comes in handy.

Bluetooth tracker is better suited for home use because it has a limited range but in case of a GPS tracker, it has a virtually unlimited range as long as it is in range of cell phone service or Wi-Fi.

The GPS trackers are very accurate, effective and have so many features that can help locate your loved once when in trouble.

Using GPS trackers you can track your loved one, kids, pets and even cars and also get an SOS even something bad happens to them

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GPS tracker these days comes in different sizes. Some are pocket-sized, some are wearable like a little pendant, some are like watches and some can be attached to cars using the right gear.

However, all GPS tracker does the same thing and that is to broadcast the location of your valuable goods periodically to a mobile app or a website.

But before you make a buying decision you need to know if your selected GPS tracker has features like Geofencing, Quick refresh rate, Remote access, waterproofing, and longer battery life etc.

Among all the trackers available in the market we’ll show you the best GPS tracker for various uses like car tracking, personal use, a tracker for kids and tracker for pets.

So to help you make the best buying decision we have compiled a list of Best 7 GPS trackers in 2019.

Tracker Waterproof Monthly fees Battery Life Check Price
Spy Tec STI GL300
Editor's Choice
Yes $ 25 2 weeks
JLEKONG Yes $ 0 2 weeks
Yepzon One
Yes $ 4.95 2 weeks
Editor's Choice
No $ 25 3 weeks
Optimus 2.0 No $ 20 1 Week
Best for Hiking
Yes $ 14.99 3-4 Weeks
BrickHouse Security Yes $ 10 2 weeks

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker – Best of the bestSpy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker

The Spy Tec STI GL300 is small, compact and lightweight GPS tracker.

It is best GPS tracker for personal tracking and for car tracking. Even you can use it for tracking your pet.

The best feature of this tracker is that it allows you to ping the device manually so you can get the device’s location between regular updates which is great.

There is another feature called Geo-fencing. In this feature, You can set a perimeter and if the person or car you are tracking leaves that perimeter then you will get text or email.

There are no fees for activation or cancellation however you will have to pay 25 $ per month for a subscription.

The Spy Tec STI GL300 features a motion activation. so if the tracker moves then it will automatically activate, due to this its battery lasts up to 2 weeks.

It has SOS button so when you have an emergency you can call out for help, also it is waterproof so you can use it in a rainy environment.

The tracker is easy to insert into the backpack, attach to belt, attach to the underside of a vehicle using magnetic case.

It provides a real-time tracking of longitude and latitude and how fast it is moving. So you can track accurately to your car, children or suspicious spouse.

Also, the spy tec app is great, easy to use and provides all the information you need to know.

  • Very small, lightweight and compact device
  • Location is very accurate
  • works internationally
  • Features the motion sensor to save battery life
  • set location interval from 5 seconds to 1 minute
  • It is not water resistant
  • The monthly fee is high

Our Final Verdict

Despite the costly month plan, the device is well made and its features makes it a good choice.

2. JLEKONG GPS Tracker – Best cheap GPS trackerJLEKONG GPS Tracker - Best cheap GPS tracker

The JLEKONG GPS Tracker comes with three positioning modes. First one is GPS tracking, the second is WI-FI tracking and the third is LBS(Location based service).

The best feature of this tracker is there are no monthly charges for using GPS services, you have to pay only GSM SIM card’s fee for calling and data service.

Another great feature of this tracker is Dual-call enabled so you can talk to your loved ones and check on them.

Also, the tracker features the SOS call, voice monitoring, Geofencing, and remote monitoring.

With the high level of waterproofing IP67, you can use it in wet and rainy environments.

The battery lasts  5 days of using 24 hours a day and if you set the interval for an hour the battery will last for weeks.

This tracker is best for children, elder people, pets, mobile asset management, personal safety, emergency ambulance, enterprises and institutions, vehicle cars tracking and monitoring etc.

Note: it has only one button for Multi-functions so for SOS you have to press it little longer.

It provides a real-time tracking with longitude and latitude and how fast it is moving so you can track accurately and can keep track of your car, children or suspicious spouse.

The tracker can be fully controlled using the app, also you can see real-time tracking data, tracking history and can turn off or on the tracker.

You can set intervals according to your need. In this tracker, If you want every minute update then you can set 10, 30 and 60 seconds interval.

Also, it features the motion activation. so if the tracker moves, it will automatically activate, due to this the battery lasts a longer period of time.

  • No monthly fees
  • Wide range of location update interval
  • IP67 waterproof certified
  • Features three modes of tracking
  • Great features like Dual-call, voice monitoring, Geofencing and remote monitoring
  • Only one button for multi-functions
  • Some users are struggling with manual because of poor English translation, which is not big a deal

Our Final Verdict

It has great features like calling, voice monitoring and Geofencing and above all that there are no monthly charges.

So if you are looking for a tracker with such great features then it is the must-have GPS tracker.

3. Yepzon One GPS Tracker – Best for Personal useYepzon One GPS Tracker - Best for Personal use

The Yepzon One GPS tracker is a minimalistic device with exceptional battery life.

It is very tiny and features one hole at the top so you can wear as a pendant.

There are no onboard buttons to press. The device works via the combination of GSM, Bluetooth, and GPS and it can be fully controlled via the app. The app lets you see the recent history of tracking location and it alerts you when a battery gets low.

With Yepzon you can locate people, pets, and valuables using your smartphone.

One of the best features of this tracker is its wide range of location update interval from 10 seconds to 6 hours.

The tracker has 4 modes. One of them is sleeping and moving mode. So if your car is not moving it will be in sleeping mode and will update it’s location every 6 hours but when the motion is detected the unit immediately wakes up and speeds up the interval.

Then there is another mode called tracking mode. This is a command that you will have to give by the app to start the GPS tracking. You have to wait until the next update until Locate Mode can start. This can be frustrating sometimes.

To avoid this here’s what you can do. If you have a tracker in your car, while sleeping you need an update every 6 hours, now if a car suddenly started to move you get a notification and email and interval will be set to one minute then by using LOCATE MODE you can pinpoint the direction of your car.

The battery of this tracker lasts about 2 weeks on a single charge, with minimal usage.

There are no activation or cancellation fees and the first month is free then you have to pay 4.95 $ per month For service charge.

  • Small, compact and can wear it as a pendant
  • Tracker is waterproof
  • It has no button that can be accidentally turned off by pet or child or deliberately turned off by a criminal.
  • Monthly charge is less compared to other trackers
  • Battery lasts Few weeks to month depending on use
  • You can set it up for regular tracking, or set an alarm to remind you to activate it – for example, when it’s time for your child to leave school
  • Need some practice to use it
  • Has no calling or voice monitoring feature
  • Lacks the panic button
  • The accuracy of the device may not be as high if the person wearing it is inside a building

Our Final Verdict

The Yepzon One has a great design with lowest monthly charge and has a decent battery life.

You will need some practice before using it.

4. AMERICALOC GL300W GPS Tracker – Best new arrivalAMERICALOC GL300W GPS Tracker

The AMERICALOC GL300W  is a newer version of GL300 and has longest battery life.

This tracker is best for vehicles, people and pets.

The battery of this tracker lasts as long as 3 weeks so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery ever again.

The best feature of this tracker is that works in almost any country.

There are no activation or cancellation fees, however, there is a service charge of 25 $ per month and Americaloc will give you free service for the first 2 months.

You can check the battery level on a website or on its app as it is always transmitted when the unit updates its location and you get alert when a battery is at 10 %.

Also, you can hardwire this tracker with your car so you will never have to worry about charging it or you can attach it underneath your car using magnetic case.

It alerts you when a tracker is moving, speeding up, the battery gets low, entering or leaving from the set perimeter(Geo-fencing).

The tracker gives you the real-time tracking and 1 year of tracking history, also you can track from any computer or you can download the AMERICALOC app on your phone.

While the tracker is moving you can get the real-time update every 1 minute time interval. Also, the tracker can be configured for location updates every 60, 30 or 10 seconds.

There is a panic button on the tracker by pressing it you can alert your parents in an emergency.

The tracker comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Battery lasts as long as 3 weeks
  • Works intentionally
  • Wide range of interval for updating location
  • Get alert when tracker moves, speeding up and battery gets low
  • Gives you real-time tracking with 1 year of tracking history
  • The monthly fee is high
  • Doesn’t have calling facility
  • Website can be buggy sometimes

Our Final Verdict

The AMERICALOC GL300W is one of the top rated GPS tracker.

The monthly price is high despite that It has the longest battery life compared to other trackers with great features.

5. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker – Best tracker for carOptimus 2.0 GPS Tracker - Best tracker for car

Its small size (3in x 1.5in x 1in) makes the GPS Tracker very portable

You can use this tracker for elderly ones, kids, Vehicles etc.

For vehicle tracking, you can connect this tracker to your car using  Optimus GPS Tracker Hardwire Kit so you will have to charge it because it will be draw power from your car and also you can attach it anywhere using the Optimus Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case.

You will get email and text message alerts for Movement, Speeding, Leaving or Entering Areas(Geo-fencing), Low Battery, SOS Button

There are no activation or cancellation fees, however, there is a 19.95 $ per month service charge for using this tracker.

The battery of this tracker lasts about 4-5 days and you can increase your battery life by setting the tracking interval for an hour.

You can install an app to see real-time tracking, Also you can see the GPS Tracking Historical Data.

The tracker comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Small, compact and easy to use
  • Get alerts for movement, speeding, and low battery
  • Features like Geofencing and SOS button makes it invincible
  • Can attach it to your car using hardware kit or attach it underneath using magnetic case
  • Works only in USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • Doesn’t feature calling or audio monitoring

Our Final Verdict

The Optimus 2.0 is average tracker with decent battery life and it is reasonable priced product compared to other trackers with same features.

6. SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger – Best for hiking/survivalSPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger - Best for hiking/survival

The SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger is specially designed for active outdoor enthusiasts and to keep track of your loved ones in remote areas where there is no network coverage.

Unlike other trackers, This tracker only uses the satellite for GPS tracking so if there is no network coverage, you don’t have to worry about it and it is waterproof.

It doesn’t have any rechargeable battery instead it requires 4 x AAA Lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries which lasts from seven days to as long as 3-4 weeks if used on 60-minute intervals with a 100 % clear view of the sky.

You can track your kid’s GPS location live on app or web portal and The GPS updates its location every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes and if you are in extreme conditions you can even set the interval for 2.55 minutes to start in touch with your loved ones.

You can pay monthly 14.99 $ or you can pay yearly 149.95 $ for service charge. When you don’t want to use the tracker kindly cancel the service before 30 days of the ending of the current plan because it renews your plan way earlier.

Your kid can even send you text messages or email up to 10 contacts by pressing one of two buttons. The check-in button tells you that your child is safe and sound and in an emergency situation and the SOS button helps you contacting local authorities.

The tracker comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Best for using in remote areas because it tracks using satellite
  • Features Water resistant and check-in functions
  • Can message and email your loved ones through tracker
  • Removable batteries
  • Doesn’t feature Geofencing
  • Tracker is designed to use in remote areas so the battery is not rechargeable

Our Final Verdict

It uses the satellite for GPS location so it is easy to use in hiking and remote areas where there is no network.

The Spot Gen3 lacks some features like rechargeable battery and Geo fencing but despite all that, it is the best tracker for you if you are in a remote area.

7. BrickHouse Security GPS Tracker – Best for kidsBrickHouse Security GPS Tracker - Best tracker for kids

The Spark Nano 5.0 is best for tracking cars, pets, and kids.

Also, you can attach it your car using magnetic case.

You can set the location update interval from 10 seconds to 6 hours.

You can see real-time tracking data using a mobile app or you can see it on the web portal.

You get an email and text message alert for Movement, Speeding, Leaving or Entering Areas(Geo-fencing), Low Battery and SOS Button.

There are no installation or activation fees however you have to pay monthly 10 $ for subscription of a tracker.

The battery can last up to 14 days based on 1 hour of tracking a day.

This tracker comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Wide range of location update interval
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Decent battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Features The Geofencing, speed limit alert, and On-Demand Location Update
  • Doesn’t work outside of USA
  • Doesn’t feature Two-Way Calling

Our Final Verdict

The Spark Nano is very easy to use and very reasonably priced product with great features.


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