Top 7 Best GoPro Gimbal Stabilizers in 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


You may have definitely heard about the GoPro cameras and they have a tendency to produce excellent footage, but they also create a shaky effect when you subject the camera to sudden movements.

Nowadays every professional filmmaker or video producer and even average people use the gimbal to shoot videos because without them your videos look horrible.

So what this device does is, it allows you to shoot extremely buttery smooth and stable shots as you move around with your camera and removes the shakiness effect to help to shoot better videos.

But in today’s market, there are a lot of stabilizers are available and they vary from their size, quality, and price. So, first of all, you need to decide what you need from your gimbal stabilizer and then start looking for the gimbal you need and what features it has.

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With all the gimbals available today it has become harder to compare them and decide between the various follow modes, their battery life, waterproofing, special features, and prices.

But we have solved this problem of yours by testing so many gimbals and we came up with the list of best gimbal stabilizer with their comparison and their different features available on the market.

So we present you the list of Best Gimbal stabilizer for GoPro in 2019 and other cameras as well so you can make a better buying decision.

Gimbal Battery Life Waterproof Weight Check Price
With Remote Controller
Editor's Choice
5 Hours Yes 10.72 Ounces
Best Handheld Gimbal
5 Hours No 11.81 Ounces
Feiyu G5 V2
Best High-end
Editor's Choice
8 Hours Yes 9.56 Ounces
GoPro Karma
Official by GoPro
1.5 Hours No 8.53 Ounces
Hohem HG 5
Best Budget
6 Hours No 11.85 Ounces
Best Wearable Gimbal
2.5 Hours Yes 9.34 Ounces
Zhiyun Evo
Longest Battery Life
12 Hours No 13.08 Ounces

1. REMOVU S1 Waterproof 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal  (with Wireless Remote control) – Best OverallREMOVU S1 Waterproof 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal

  • REMOVU S1 is 3 axes GoPro camera stabilizer which delivers the possible smoothest footage.
  • It is made up of two main components. The gimbal itself and the hand grip.
  • Most of the stabilizers you can’t mount it to car, helmet or tripod because of grip’s troublesome connection with gimbal but in this stabilizer, you can detach the grip and can separately mount the gimbal to any Item compatible with GoPro ecosystem for better shooting and you can use hand grip as a remote control.
  • The best features of this stabilizer are that it comes with a wireless remote control located in handgrip which pops out with a gentle push by using it you can control the angle of the camera and change the mode on the gimbal from distance.
  • Using included charger in this Gimbal you can simultaneously charge the battery and wireless remote as fast as possible.
  • It takes up to 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery and wireless remote using a charger which is included in the gimbal.
  • With the removable battery and spare battery, you don’t have to worry about running out of power during shooting.
  • This gimbal is rainproof and also there is extra space for memory card storage in the bottom of hand grip which is water sealed.
  • Also, there is LED display on the gimbal which shows the remaining battery and current shooting mode. Using the buttons on the gimbal or wireless remote control you can easily select different modes for shooting.
  • It comes with a one year of warranty.
  • Perfect stabilization and smooth footage
  • Removable battery with 3-5 hours of charge
  • Solid waterproof and rainproof design
  • Handheld Design with detachable handle for versatility
  • Useful removable wireless remote control with LED display
  • Features 2 OLED displays which offer all information
  • Mountable virtually anywhere
  • It picks up lots of noise when it is being manipulated by joystick but when gimbal is controlling itself things are fine.
  • Slow follow mode

Our Final Verdict

  • Overall, The captured video in this gimbal is smooth and steady with no voice from the motors.
  • All modes are easy to use and mounting is very easy as well.
  • Compared to all reviewed cameras on our list, the REMOVU S1 takes things a step further and beyond, it easily outclasses the competition in almost every way.
  • The wireless remote control of gimbal and its easily mountable, wearable and splash proof design makes it invincible.

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2. EVO GP-PRO 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal – Best Handheld GimbalEVO GP-PRO 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal - Best Handheld Gimbal

  • The EVO GP-PRO is a handheld 3-axis gimbal which gives you independence of handheld shooting without camera vibrations or shakes.
  • The EVO GP-PRO features an on-handle control allowing you to angle the camera just the way you want it, using the built-in 4-way joystick you can adjust your camera’s tilt, pan, and roll angles during shooting.
  • By pressing joystick button inward you can switch between 3 different stabilization modes like PAN FOLLOW MODE, LOCK MODE and FULL FOLLOW MODE.
  • This gimbal uses high power, high torque motors for reliable smooth footage, and it is a simple plug and play device.
  • The Gimbal comes with a two 2000 mAh battery which lasts up to 5 hours and a charging cable to extend your GoPro’s battery life.
  • The main advantage of this gimbal is that it is a simple plug and play device and compatible with most of the cameras.
  • The other big advantage of this gimbal is that it comes with a removable and rechargeable battery so when you are running out of battery and hasn’t done enough shooting yet so by keeping spare batteries you can avoid any last minutes hiccups.
  • This gimbal features the 1/4″-20 tripod mount thread for tripod mounting and 3.5 mm A/V output port for a recording monitor.
  • There is an also port connector on the gimbal that allows you to connect the gimbal to an external monitor for streaming and recording any videos or images.
  • This gimbal is compatible with most of the cameras and also if you want this gimbal for your smartphone then you can use this add-on EVO Pro mount for smartphones for shooting using your smartphone.
  • This gimbal comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Built-in thread to mount lots of different devices
  • Simple plug and play gimbal without worrying about balancing the gimbal
  • Two Removable batteries with 5 hours of charge
  • 3.5 mm A/V output port for a recording monitor
  • Compatible with most of the cameras
  • Somewhat overpriced according to its features
  • No waterproof or splash-proof design
  • Lack of mobile app
  • Limited functions
  • For Hero 5 the gimbal blocks the mode button and power button of Hero 5 which you can overcome by using the setting from touch screen for a solution of mode button and for power button you can use quick capture mode.

Compatible Action Cameras:

GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero3+
GoPro Hero4 Silver, GoPro Hero4 Black
GoPro Hero Session, GoPro Hero5 Session
GoPro Hero5 Black, GoPro Hero6 Black
Yi Action Cam, Yi 4K+ Action Cam, SJ4000-SJ6000
Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Our Final Verdict

  • The EVO GP-PRO offers a buttery smooth footage with great battery life.
  • The Only complain of this gimbal is its price. It is expensive and it has a limited number of function compared to other gimbals.
  • But it has some great features too. The Built-in thread helps to mount different devices and a wide range of compatibility for different cameras makes it great gimbal.
  • But overall, this gimbal is durable and offers a really good user experience. Check it out.

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3. FeiyuTech G5 V2 3-Axis Stabilized GoPro Gimbal – Best High-endFeiyuTech G5 V2 3-Axis Stabilized GoPro Gimbal

  • The FeiyuTech G5 is one of the first IP67-waterproof motorized Handheld action camera gimbals.
  • This stabilizer is very small and lightweight compared other gimbals and this is updated version of G5.
  • It features the 3 axis stabilization so you don’t have to worry about any camera shakiness or vibrations.
  • Also, it features the 360 button by pressing it the camera will go in selfie mode and there is another button called trigger button by pressing it, it will lock the position of a camera which is a really handy feature.
  • It has one bigger hole at the bottom for extension pole and a 1/4 screw port for tripod mounting or different GoPro accessories.
  • The gimbal comes with FY setting app which connects through Bluetooth using which you can do auto-calibration, firmware upgrade, gimbal configuration and enable remote control.
  • This gimbal comes with a counterweight which is used to counterbalance different camera weights so you can adjust the gravity center of your camera and it is compatible for GoPro Hero 6 /5 /4 /3, Yi Cam 4K, AEE, and similar sized camera.
  • By using GoPro Karma Grip Ring you can mount this gimbal on helmet or backpack and you can even wear it.
  • The feiyu G5 gimbal comes with a removable 22650 mAh battery which lasts up to 8 hours.
  • Note that unlike past FeiyuTech stabilizers this stabilizer does not come with a charger, instead the battery sits in the grip while it charges using the micro USB cable which connects to the hand grip.
  • By using a 4-way joystick, you can control the movement of your gimbal and via the function button, you can activate different modes. Also with the self-timer button, you can shoot portrait photos and videos.
  • Also, this gimbal comes with a soft shell case which is small and compact so you can store your gimbal very efficiently.
  • It is very small, compact and lightweight gimbal
  • waterproof and splash-proof design
  • it has tripod mounting and hole for extension pole
  • Phone companion app for wireless control
  • Handgrip with built-in joystick and mode buttons
  • Removable 22650 mAh battery which lasts up to 8 hours
  • For charging you don’t have to remove batteries which is great feature
  • Does not have start/stop recording buttons
  • Can’t connect this gimbal to drone

Our final verdict

  • If you are looking to take any photos or videos near any water or snow then this is the must-have gimbal for you because of it’s waterproof and splash proof design.
  • Overall, It has great features, great controlling, decent battery back up and besides GoPro, it is compatible with many cameras. Check it out.

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4. GoPro Camera Karma Grip (GoPro Official Gimbal) GoPro Camera Karma Grip (GoPro Official Gimbal)

  • This is the official GoPro Karma grip from GoPro.
  • It is handheld wearable gimbal which gives you amazingly smooth and shake-free videos during handheld shots or action sports and it is compatible with all Go-pro cameras.
  • It comes with a Karma Harness so you can connect the different GoPro camera with this gimbal.
  • There is one lock button on the grip which keeps the horizon straight by keeping the gimbal stable and with other modes you will get smooth footage as gimbal follows the grip movement.
  • The battery of this grip lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • The best features of this GoPro grip is voice controllable so you can start or stop recording with voice command.
  • Another great feature of this gimbal is that the ring mount you can attach it to your backpack or you can wear it on a helmet or you can also connect this gimbal to drone.
  • Also, this Gimbal comes with a backpack so you can mount the gimbal on it and get stable footage while skiing, running and snowboarding.
  • This gimbal comes with a hard shell case so you can store the grip in it while traveling.
  • Small, super stable and easy to use
  • Because of handheld and smaller grip you can get super stable and smooth footage
  • Voice controlled gimbal
  • Wearable and Mountable on helmet, drone, and backpack
  • Offers so many accessories to enhance your shooting
  • It is non-waterproof gimbal
  • It has no tripod mount
  • Battery is non-removable
  • Battery does not last long because it powers the gimbal by default

Our Final Verdict

  • Overall it is small, super stable and easy to use and has a decent battery life.
  • This gimbal does have some drawbacks, first of all, it is not waterproof, has no tripod mount and the battery is non-removable which you can overcome by having spare power bank.
  • And the other notable thing is battery does not last long because gimbal charges the camera by default.
  • Despite all that this is one of the best 3 axis gimbal with great stabilization out there.

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5. Hohem HG 5 Pro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal
for GoPro Cameras
 – Best BudgetHohem HG 5 Pro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro Cameras

  • The Hohem Hg 5 Pro is 3 Axis Gimbal which stabilizes on the yaw, pitch, and roll and it has two main parts. First one gimbal itself and second one hand grip.
  • The gimbal comes with a Bluetooth compatible app, by using it you can fully control the gimbal and auto-calibrate the gimbal.
  • The Hohem gimbal features the built-in charging Micro USB port to extend your camera battery life.
  • Also, it features the three different modes like Panning Mode, Panning and Pitching Mode and Lock Mode for shooting.
  • The Hohem gimbal comes with a removable rechargeable 2000 mAh battery which lasts about 6 hours once fully charged.
  • By using 1/4 screw ports you can mount any GoPro accessories for better shooting.
  • This Hohem gimbal is mountable but if you want the wearable Hohem gimbal then check this out and if you want the Hohem gimbal for your phone then check this out.
  • Unlike other gimbals, this gimbal does not cover the power or mode button of hero 5 camera.
  • The Compatible Cameras For this gimbal are GoPro Hero5/4/3+/3, for YI CAM, for SJCAM, for AEE, and other action cameras of similar sizes.
  • Great Gimbal at very reasonable price
  • Removable rechargeable 2000 mAh battery which lasts up to 6 hours
  • Wireless control using mobile app
  • Has 1/4 screw ports at bottom for mounting GoPro accessories
  • Some users having problem with calibration
  • Doesn’t come with camera charging cable
  • The spare batteries are hard to find because of its unusual size

Our Final Verdict

  • The Hohem Hg 5 Pro has every features that one gimbal can possibly have at a really great price.
  • This simple plug and play device, it does not have any fancy features but it does the job and the best part is that it is a reasonably priced product.
  • And the Hohem offers the different gimbals like gimbal for phone, wearable gimbal, and gimbal with hand grip.
  • Overall, The controlling is easy, the footage is very smooth, battery life is decent and it features the great compatibility for mounting different GoPro accessories.

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6. FeiyuTech WG2 PRO 3-Axis Waterproof GoPro Gimbal – Best Wearable GimbalFeiyuTech WG2 PRO 3-Axis Waterproof GoPro Gimbal - Best Wearable Gimbal

  • The FeiyuTech WG2 is 3 axis gimbal without handgrip but rather it’s wearable and mountable on any GoPro compatible item.
  • The FeiyuTech WG2 directly supports the GoPro HERO6 Black and HERO5 Black action cameras, as well as a variety of other cameras of similar shape and size including the HERO4/HERO3+/HERO3 without a BacPac LCD, the YI Technology 4K/4K+, and select SJCAM and AEE models. It also supports the GoPro HERO Session via an included adapter.
  • A knob with a sliding arm and leveling system on the mounting platform allows you to quickly balance whatever camera you use.
  • It has some great features which make it different from other gimbals like Waterproof, Wearable, Smaller battery, Auto-rotation function.
  • The best feature of this stabilizer is that You can mount it on a helmet, bicycle, selfie pole, car, etc. It can wearable on a backpack and also you can use tripod mounting for this gimbal.
  • It features the 4 different modes for shooting which you can select either by pressing buttons in a dedicated sequence or you can select it by using the wireless FeiyuTech mobile app.
  • Also, you can control the camera angle, rotation and adjust the setting using FeiyuTech app (Android/Apple).
  • It comes with a 1500 mAh battery that lasts up to 2.5 hours and controlling a camera very easily.
  • This gimbal is built with three motors and an algorithm that’s specially optimized for wearable operation. The algorithm, which calculates the rotation angle, is designed with improved anti-jamming capability for high-frequency jitters and high-speed motion scenarios.
  • This gimbal is also IP67 waterproof to depths of up to 3 ft for approximately 10 minutes, and 1.5 ft thereafter. This is not a sufficient-enough depth for most underwater activities, but it does ensure safe, splashproof operation on rainy days, wet adventures, and the like.
  • The auto-rotation mode allows you to assign a pre-set travel route with start and end points and a constant speed which makes the complicated time-lapse photography easier.
  • Auto-rotation mode with assignable travel route for video capture and time-lapse photography
  • Waterproof up to depths of 3 ft for approximately 10 minutes, and 1.5 ft thereafter
  • Splash-proof—can be used in rainy weather, wet activities, and more
  • For wireless control Includes FeiyuTech App for iOS and Android
  • Optimized algorithm for wearable operation
  • Two tripod screw mounts
  • Compatible with many action cameras
  • It lasts up to 2.5 Hours of use
  • Limited rolling angle
  • Obscured GoPro Session door
  • For Mounting to GoPro accessories you will have to buy optional T-clamps

Our Final Verdict

  • The FeiyuTech WG 2 is best wearable gimbal and it has succeeded its predecessor WG.
  • Due to the waterproof and splash-proof design of this gimbal, you can shoot in rain, mud or snow. and also you can mount this gimbal on almost anything like bike, car, backpack or drone.
  • You can use this gimbal as wearable as well as handheld using tripod mount and the stabilization is far better compared any other wearable gimbal out there.
  • The mounting and shooting are very easy and the auto rotation function makes it invincible.
  • So if you are looking for the wearable gimbal, which can work perfectly under water then this is must have gimbal for you.

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7. Zhiyun Evolution 3-Axis Handheld GoPro Gimbal – Longest Battery LifeZhiyun Evolution 3-Axis Handheld GoPro Gimbal with Longest Battery Life

  • The Zhiyun Evolution is 3-Axis handheld gimbal for GoPro.
  • The best feature of this gimbal is its two 18650 Li-Ion battery which lasts up to 12 hours which is great.
  • Other than that it has 1/4″ screw port at the bottom by using that you can mount this gimbal to a tripod.
  • it features the 3.5 mm headphone jack for video output.
  • Also, it features the three different modes for shooting which is Pan following mode, Locking mode, Pan and Pitch following mode and also there is Upside down mode which can be selected by a joystick.
  • This gimbal comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Great features at reasonable price
  • Multiple operation modes
  • Silent operation
  • AV-out for FPV display
  • 1/4″ screw port for tripod mounting
  • Removable battery with Great battery life up to 12 hours
  • The package doesn’t include a smartphone holder
  • No wireless remote
  • Doesn’t have any fancy features

Over Final Verdict

  • Overall, The Zhiyun Evolution has the great build quality and plenty of durability and great stabilization.
  • This gimbal gives you the possible smoothest footage, it is easy to use and mount and also it has great battery life.
  • It doesn’t have fancy features like other gimbals but still, it does the job pretty easily.
  • The Zhiyun Evolution is a reasonably priced product with great features, so if you are planning to buy any simple gimbal with great battery life then this is the best choice for you.

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