7 Best Automatic Hair Curlers in 2019 | Reviews


No one uses conventional curling iron these days because they are very cumbersome to use. You have to wrap your hair around it and also take care of your scene that it doesn’t burn.

Automatic hair curlers have replaced the conventional curling irons. An automatic hair curler is one type of curling iron that uses motors that wraps your around ceramic rod and the ceramic rod will instantly heat your hair for long-lasting curls.

That being said if you google automatic hair curler, you will find so many hair curlers that you won’t be able to decide which one to choose.

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There are so many hair curlers available with different features and prices. Selecting the best is difficult so to help you with that problem we have tested and reviewed many automatic hair curlers.

After rigorous testing, we came up with the list of Best Automatic Hair Curlers. So if you are planning to buy one then we suggest you look at this list so you can make a better buying decision.

Brand Max Temperature Warranty Price
Editor's Choice
410 ℉ 2 Year
Kiss 420 ℉ 2 Year
BaBylissPRO 450 ℉ 3 Year
BeQool 450 ℉ 1 Year
Conair 450 ℉ 5 Year
The Beachwaver 410 ℉ 1 Year
Conair 400 ℉ 2 Year

1. CHI Air Spin N Curl Automatic Hair Curler

CHI Air Spin N Curl Automatic Hair Curler

CHI Air Spin rotating curling iron is on number position in our list that is fully automatic machine. As the name suggests, this hair curler features a rotating barrel that would curl your hair in a jiffy.

The 1-inch ceramic barrel of this curling iron heats up quickly. All you have to do is put a strand of hair in between the empty space as you can see in video and BINGO, Nice curly and shiny hair comes out without too much hassle.

The two curl direction buttons allow you to curl your hair either in the left direction or right direction. Also, the curling iron features a Timer and LCD display which shows you the current temperature.

You will be amazed to hear that, this hair curling iron features three different temperatures which allow you to create different curl styles.

The custom beep sound alerts you when your hair is done and auto shut features become really helpful when you forgot to turn off the curling iron.

One of the main advantages of using this curler is that it incorporates a ceramic heat technology that produces a negative ion which results in creating a shiner and beautiful curly hairs.

  • Rotating barrel is super easy to use
  • You can do small as well as large hair easily
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Auto shut off
  • Beep alert when hair is done
  • Not so great for super short hair
  • Needs some learning curve before you get used to it
Final Verdict
  • This curling iron is totally different than the regular curling wands. The rotating barrel is one of the main advantages of using this curling iron.
  • The curler comes with a little information so I would suggest you take a look at the above tutorial and you will quickly understand how to use it.
  • Some people may find it a bit expensive but its durability and features make it worth spending your money on it.

2. Kiss Instawave Automatic Curling Iron

Kiss Instawave Automatic Curling Iron

People are so crazy about this Automatic hair curling iron and it has got over 1000 positive reviews on Amazon.

Why? Because of its great features and that too at very affordable price range.

If you are new to using a hair curler, then you should not have any problem at all using this hair curler.

The Kiss Instawave hair curler features a spinner that wraps your hair around the barrel with one press of a button.

With the help of curl direction control button, you can create right facing or left facing curls.

The barrel of this curling iron incorporates a ceramic ionic technology which helps in creating a shiny hair without tangling up your hair.

One of the best features of this curler is that it features a protective rod so you won’t be needing any heat resistant glove.

This automatic hair curler comes with a two heat setting that can reach up to 420 degree Fahrenheit and it automatically shuts off after 90 minutes to protect it from damage.

The 1-inch ceramic barrel of this curler heats up quickly to give you a beautiful curly hair, and after your hair is done there will be a beep sound every time to let you know it’s time to release your hair from barrel.

2 years warranty ensures that the hair curler will last longer.

  • Most affordable curler
  • Features 2 heat setting with auto off
  • 2 curling design
  • Ceramic ionic technology for shiny hair
  • Beep sound when hair is done
  • None
Final Verdict
  • Overall The Kiss Instawave is a great product for beginners as well as for regular users. Its ease of use and durability has impressed me the most.
  • Most of the curling iron are overpriced and they might not last long but that is not the case with Kiss Instawave.
  • So if you are looking for a hair curler that is easy to use, durable and at the same time affordable too then I would definitely recommend this product.

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3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron

The Babyliss Pro is a Truly Automatic hair curl machine that uses a steam technology. To use the steam option you simply need to fill the reservoir with distilled water.

Steam protects your hair from excessive heat and at the same time it gives you smooth and tangle free hairs.

The other machines aren’t that fully automatic but that is not the case with BaByliss. For example this machine alerts you if you have put in too much hair in the barrel or it can automatically stop and reverse the hair from getting tangled up.

The other great features that makes this machine fully automatic are alerting feature, Auto shut-off, Sleep mode and Steam option.

This device lets you choose three types of curling pattern including right, left and alternate. And using the four temperature setting you can create different curl styles.

MaxLife PRO Brushless motor technology does a great job of catching hairs onto the barrel and gives precision control over curling.

  • Truly automatic machine
  • Steam function, beep alert, and auto shut off
  • Three types of curling pattern
  • Four different temperature control
  • Automatically stops to protect it from tangling
  • It heats up to 450°F so must take precaution
  • Beware of counterfeit
Final Verdict
  • BaByliss is a truly automatic machine that makes curling process easy and hassle-free. And the steam function is really useful when it comes to protecting the hair from excessive heat generated by the barrel.
  • Some users may find the price of this machine little high but the money spent on this machine is money well spent.
  • So if you are looking for a premium device that has a ton of automatic features then I would recommend this product.

4. BeQool Automatic Hair Steam Curler

BeQool Automatic Hair Steam Curler

The hair curler by BeQool is another great automatic hair curler in our list with some mind-boggling features.

One of the best features of this hair curler is that it uses steam and heat together to curl your hairs. Other average curling irons use only heat to curl the hairs which may damage your hair while this hair curler won’t.

As the name suggests this machine is fully automatic. With one press of a button the machine draws your hair in the chamber and holds it there until it is heated enough. Once your hair is done it will alert you by four consecutive beeps.

This machine uses advanced technology to provide you with the tangle free and shiny curly hair. Also there are three buttons you can choose to make left facing, right facing or automatic mix curls as you desire.

Using three different temperature setting (190°C-210°C-230°C) and three timer setting (8-10-12 seconds) you can make loose, soft as well as tight curls according to your need.

When you turn on the machine, its LCD display will show you variables like heat setting, timer setting and curl direction setting.

  • Reasonably priced product
  • 3 Timer setting
  • 3 heat setting
  • 3 different curl direction setting
  • LCD display
  • Steam heating to protect your hair from excess heat
  • Learning curve is required
Final Verdict
  • If you are looking for a fully automatic machine that is in your budget then I would suggest you check out this product. At just 50$ this machine packs some really good features.
  • However, some of the users reported that their machine broke down after a few months. But I had no problems with this machine at all. It works flawlessly.
  • In the end, I would say that this product is reasonably priced and its features makes it one of the best choices for beginners as well as regular users.

5. Conair Curl Secret 2 Curling Machine

Conair Curl Secret 2 Curling Machine

Conair is a well-known brand when it comes to hair styling product. This product is used by most of the salon owners and they can’t stop talking about it.

The auto curl technology of this machine is state-of-the-art. The hair is drawn into the tourmaline ceramic chamber where it is held, heated for a set amount of period and shiny long lasting curly hair comes out.

This particular machine has 2 heat settings. For fine hair the lower setting is suitable whereas the higher setting is suitable for thick and longer hairs.

Using the 3 different timer setting you can make loose, medium or tight curls with ease. Also the built-in brushless motor is very well designed and provides precise styling.

The Conair Infinity pro uses the tourmaline ceramic technology that produces airflow to protect the hair from excess heat and at the same time it reduces frizz and gives you the natural-looking shiny hair.

The Infinity pro can heat up to as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit to provide you with the long lasting curls. Also, the curler offers three curling directions including Auto Alternates Curl Direction, Rotate Curls Left Only and Rotate Curls Right Only.

If you look at the Amazon reviews then you will see that the many reviewers complained that their hair gets stuck in the hair curler and sometimes burns too.

But those reviews are for the old model. This model is an advanced and improved version of old model. This model incorporates some great features that make it truly an advanced machine. Take a look at this video and you will how great this hair curler is.

  • Affordable price range
  • This machine heats your hail from all directions for smooth curls
  • Gives you long lasting curls
  • Safety auto-off feature
  • 3 different timer setting and 3 rotation directions
  • 2 curl size and 2 heal levels
  • Learning curve is required
  • Some users reported their hair being stuck in the machine
Final Verdict
  • Three different timer setting and three different rotation direction makes it the best choice for those who like to make different hair curling styles.
  • However, it requires some learning curve before you get used to it. So overall I would say that if you are looking for a machine that is reliable and easy to use then you should check out this machine.

6. The Beachwaver S1 Curling Iron

If you are looking for really curly hair then Beachwaver s1 curling iron is what you need. The other hair curler uses a brushless motor which sucks in your hair, but the thing is, barrel of those machines are thick which results in fewer curls.

But in case of Beachwaver, the barrel is thin so you will be able to get many curls in one section of hair.

This machine works differently than a regular curling iron. First of all, you need to put in the small section of hairs in the clamp and then by pressing left or right button the barrel will rotate and after five beeps you open up the clamp and slide down the curling iron.

That’s it. This machine is so easy to use and you will get perfect curly hair. By using right/left and slow/fast control button you can customize the curling effect of your hairs.

The 1-inch diameter of this barrel is thin enough give you a lot of curls in one section of hair and the 5.5-inch ceramic rod will protect your hand from hotel barrel during the curling process.

This hair curler heats up in 30 seconds for usable temperature and it features a digital display using which you can monitor the temperature of a curling iron.

The automatic shut off feature will turn of the curling iron if not used for 30 minutes.


  • Easy to use
  • Machine get heated up in 30 seconds
  • Produces long-lasting curls
  • The home button provides facility to reset the position of the clamp at start
  • Does not work well for hairs near the scalp
  • You need to be careful when using this machine otherwise you may end up burning your scene.
Final Verdict
  • The Beachwaver Co. S1 is pretty easy to use even for beginners. The secret of this machine lies within its rotating barrel which does most of the work.
  • At first, you may need to watch some tutorials to get the hang of it. Also, you need to be careful when using this machine cause the hot barrel may burn your scene.
  • Other than that I would say the machine is very easy to use and maintenance free. The machine is a bit more pricey than average hair curling iron but its top-notch quality and ability to produce long-lasting curls makes the best choice for everyone.

7. Conair Fashion Curl Automatic Hair Curler

Conair Fashion Curl Curling Iron is the second product from Conair in our list. The products of Conair are reliable and well built.

Their infinity pro hair curler is the most reviewed product on Amazon and after that, they released a new version named Fashion curl which is cheaper than the infinity pro.

The main difference between infinity pro and fashion curl is that the fashion curl features only 12-second timer setting while infinity pro features 8, 10 and 12-second timer setting.

Using the infinity pro you can make three curl styles including loose, medium and tight while in fashion curl you can make only tight curl looks.

But on the bright side, the Fashion curl incorporates lightweight and compact design. I would say that infinity pro is superior to fashion curl in terms of features.

But the Fashion curl comes at a low price compared to the infinity pro. Let’s take a look what it has to offer.

The Fashion curl incorporates 2 heat settings, 6-inch swivel cord, and brushless motor for durability and precision styling.

On top of that, it comes with a tourmaline ceramic technology that reduces frizz and gives you tangle free curly hairs. Sleep mode and auto-off feature increase the life expectancy of the machine.

2 years of warranty for this product gives you a piece of mind when purchasing this product.

  • Compact and light weight design
  • Affordable price range
  • 2 Years of warranty
  • 2 Heat settings
  • Sleep mode and auto shut off
  • Doesn’t have fancy features like timer setting
Final Verdict
  • The Conair Fashion Curl hair curler is really a good product if you are beginner however if you are looking for some advanced features then I suggest you should choose infinity pro or Babyliss hair curler.
  • Although It doesn’t have any fancy features, but Conair Fashion Curl hair curler will get the job done easily.



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