Best Affordable VR Headsets for your Smartphone


Nowadays there are lots of VR headsets are available in the market right now. So it’s very difficult to choose any VR headset as your price tag. You can follow these criteria while purchasing VR Headset.

  • VR headset must have a Good Griff and Good Quality
  • Lenses quality should be great.
  • It should be more Comfortable.
  • Viewing experiences should be also great.
  • And you can also consider the sound quality of headphone.

here are the best 9 VR Headsets that have the best build quality and clear lances.

VR Headset Weight of VR Headset Built-in Headphone Remote Controller Check Price
Canbor VR Headset 14.4 Ounce Yes No
Sarki VR Headset 14.7 Ounce Yes Yes
Geek VR Headset 12.6 Ounce Yes Yes
Pansonite VR Headset
Editor's Choice
14.6 Ounce Yes No
Kamle VR Headset 13.4 Ounce Yes Yes
Samsung Gear VR Headset
Only For Samsung Phones
11.2 Ounce No Yes
HAMSWAN VR Headset 8.4 Ounce Yes No
Vox+ VR Headset 14.4 Ounce Yes No
TEKPLUS 15.8 Ounce No Yes

1. Canbor VR Headset 

  • The Canbor VR Headset is one of the best VR available right now in the market.
  • According to its features, it is very less expensive and it is best 3D VR goggles.
  • The Canbor VR Headset features the aspheric resin optical lens technology which puts less stress on your eyes.
  • people who like to watch movies for a longer period in VR headset, the phone emits the blue light which is dangerous to eyes, so Canbor VR Headset has HD anti-blue light lens which prevents blue lights entering your eyes.
  • Also, Canbor VR Headset has a 120-degree field of view which is great for movies and gaming.And With the three adjustable straps, you can reduce the pressure on the bridge of the nose.
  • One of the best features of this headset is the Stretchable HIFI sound quality using which you can ensure soundproofing and 360° surround sound. Also, it comes with buttons to control volume, play/pause music and answer phone calls.
  • In this headset, you can freely adjust the pupil distance and focus distance and Cater for the needs of 0°- 800°myopia and 0°- 400° hyperopia. and it is suitable for 4.7 to 6.2 inches resolution.

Our Final Verdict

  • Overall, The Canbor VR Headset has many great features.
  • The Canbor VR Headset is very light weight, Adjustable, easy to use and has very comfortable fit.
  • With the Stretchable HIFI sound quality headphones and 360° surround sound, It is a great VR for watching movies.
  • This is the best VR you’ll ever gonna get in terms of money.check it out.

2. Sarki VR Headset 

  • The Sarki 3D VR Headset has integrated headphone suitable for all people with memory sponge for reducing the stress on the ears and also it is stretchable so you can enjoy audio according to your comforts
  • Like other VR in this VR you can adjust both pupil distance and focal distance so it will be very easy to focus.Also, it is suitable for 0-600°near-sighted viewing too.
  • Also, This VR features Detachable front cover and the Adjustable heads straps which are easy to fit your head and brings you extra comfort and security.
  • The field of view in this VR is 120-degrees and supports 4.7 to 6.2 inches smart-phones.
  • It comes with a remote controller to control volume, play/pause music, and answer phone calls.

  • And also there is another version of this VR too, in which the remote controller is not included and it is 10 $ cheaper than above VR.Check it out.

Our Final Verdict

  • The Sarki 3D VR Headset is entry level average VR with great price and it is affordable and budget friendly too.
  • With the 120 ° view angle, COMFORTABLE T-shaped STRAPS and INDIVIDUALLY ADJUSTMENT DOUBLE LENS it is great for watching movies without hurting your eyes.

3. Geek VR Headset 

  • The Geek Ultralight is average budget friendly entry level VR.
  • The built-in super comfortable and soft sponge provies you the comfort to your eyes, face and on the head.and the head strap is provided which you can adjust acoording to your comfort.
  • It features a 720-degrees hi-fi surround headphones with momory sponge toreduc the stress on your ears.
  • Also it features the adjustable pupil distance and focal distance and it is suitable for 0-600°near-sighted and 0-200° hyperopia users.
  • Which helps you adjust the image’s fuzziness, alleviating the the feeling of dizziness for enjoying your movie.
  • It has 120-degrees of field of view with heat dissipation design and fit for 4.7-6 inch smart-phones.

Our Final Verdict

  • The geek Ultralight VR is Budget friendly and great headset in our list.
  • It has Adjustable straps, Removable mesh weaving, soft, breathable and Ergonomic design.
  • With this many features at great price it is the best buy product.Check it out.

4. Pansonite VR Headset 

  • The Pansonite 3D VR headset features the best headphones which supports the 5~28000Hz sound.
  • It comes with a quality leather and powerful elastic sponge to create the cushion and Powerful elastic sponge absorbs the all weight from VR. Furthermore, Enlarged and deepened nose part is designed for fitting people’s nose perfectly to avoid nose pain problem.
  • Also it features 120-degrres field of view with Advanced optical grade PMMA HD aspheric lenses.
  • And it has buttons on the left to set video/music play and pause, Volume+, Volume-,answering and rejecting calls and then there is right button which is Touch screen button for shooting games only.
  • Like other VR it features Adjustable pupil distance which helps you adjust the fuzziness and double image and then there is Adjustable seperate focal distance.
  • The Pansonite 3D VR headset has Two Cracks For Heat Dissipation which is best feature of this headset.

  • Also there is another version of this VR headset in which Bluetooth Remote controller is not included and it is 10 $ cheaper then above VR headset. Check it out.

Our Final Verdict

  • The Pansonite 3D VR has great built-in features compared to other VRs.
  • The quality leather, powerful elastic sponge to absorb all weight and Heat Dissipation designs makes this VR invincible.
  • And the Advanced optical grade PMMA HD aspheric lenses and 720-degrees hi-fi surround headphones enhances the movie experience.
  • It is the Great VR for watching movies.Check it out.

5. Kamle VR Headset 

  • The kamle VR Headset features the best heat dissipation design to cool your phone faster.
  • Also this VR Headset has Pupil Distance and Focal Distance for best 3D movie experience.And you can watch 360-degree videos using YouTube.
  • And with the Pupillary Distance adjustment range between  55 mm to 75 mm and Myopia less than 600 degree you can watch movies in VR without wearing glasses.
  • This VR headset comes with a Bluetooth remote controller to control the headset wireless.

Our Final Verdict

  • The kamle VR Headset is Budget friendly entry level and great from its price point of view.
  • With the high-quality light-trans-missive optical lenses and clear vision it increases your movie experience like no other.
  • The kamle VR Headset features many cool features according to its price and great for watching movies. Check it out.

6. Samsung Gear VR Headset 

  • The Samsung Gear VR is best VR available right now for your Samsung device.
  • It is manufactured by great company and has ton of cool features.
  • This is the newest version of this VR headset is this series.
  • It comes with a remote controller using which you can adjust the volume, play/pause music and the best features is that you can play games using oculus app.
  • With this VR you can enjoy 360-degree videos and can go at any place you want using maps.

Our Final Verdict

  • The Samsung VR features the heat dissipation design, more than 600 games to paly and included VR controller to navigate 360° experiences so you can hang out with your friends in virtual room.
  • It has tons of new features compared to other VRs and it is relatively less expensive than other headsets.
  • Please note that this VR only works with the Samsung flagship devices so if you have one than this is the best VR for you.Go for it.

7. HAMSWAN VR Headset 

  • The HAMSWAN 3D VR Headset features the innovative fabric design, light weight and comfortable wearing for best 3D movie experience.
  • In this VR, You can adjust pupil distance and object distance to get the best clear picture possible for you.
  • Also It comes with a ABS + non-woven, adjustable nylon headband and 42 mm aspheric optical resin lens so it will reduce the stress on your eyes.
  • This headset comes with a anti-distortion and aspheric optical resin quality lens and also it has a good heat dissipation deign to stop heating up your mobile.
  • It supports almost every phones between 4.0 to 6.0 inches and the company’s offering you the 365 days of warranty for any defective parts which is a great feature.
  • In this version you will get the built-in headphones.

  • However there is another version of this VR headset in which the headphone is not included and it is 10 $ cheaper then the above VR.

Our Final Verdict

  • The HAMSWAN 3D VR Headset is one of the cheapest VR available right now.
  • The HAMSWAN 3D VR Headset is very comfortable, has great build quality, easy to use and has tons of great features.
  • For just 20 $ this is with this many features and warranty this is the best VR you are ever gonna get right now.Check it out.

8. Vox+ VR Headset 

  • The vox+ VR Headset  offers the 38 mm high quality lenses and adjustable lens technology to improve your movie experience.
  • Also it comes with a HD blue light filter which decreases the radiation emitted from your phone and will protect your eyes.This feature is for them who likes to watch movies on VR headset for longer period of time.
  • Like all other VRs out there The vox+ VR headset also come with a adjustable pupil distance and focal distance to improve clarity of pictures since it differs for all people.
  • With the adjustable, built-in high quality sound isolating headphones which provides best the sound proofing possible you can enjoy your movie seamlessly.
  • The vox+ headset is embedded with anti-radiation eye protection and blue light filters to relive your eyes from strain.And the heat dissipation is provided to remove heat from your phone for using it extended period of time.
  • Also the vox+ headset is compatible for 4.7 to 6 inches screen resolution smartphones.

Our Final Verdict

  • The vox+ VR Headset is also one of the cheapest VR with great build quality and tons of cool features in out list.
  • It has Soft, breathable interior padding and adjustable t-strap which are easy to fit your head and brings you extra comfort.
  • This VR is extremely budget friendly and has great value for its money.Go for it.

9. TEKPLUS Virtual Reality Headset 

The tekplus VR headset is best suitable for different aged users within 600 degree myopia.

When you are watching movie for long time the radiation emitted from your mobile phone screen will damage your phone so This VR comes with a aspheric lens design with anti-blue light lenses to protect you from such radiation, visual fatigue and dizzy-ness.

You can adjust both pupil distance and focal distance and with the 102 degree of viewing angle your movie experience will enhance and you can focus easily according to your need as it changes from person to person.

Also this VR features the face cooling to prevent the glasses from fogging and sue to light weight design of this VR it will put less strain on your face while watching movies for long time.

This VR comes with a 1 year warranty and 30 days no-time-limited return or exchange.

Our Final Verdict

  • Overall, The tekplus VR headset has great features according to its price and it is very budget friendly
  • The only drawback in this VR is that the headphone is not included in this VR headset but it is not deal breaker.
  • If you don’t like the built-in headphone of any VR then this the best choice for you as the headphone is not included in this one, you can use your favorite headphone for watching movies.Check it out.
  • This VR has all the features that one VR can possibly have so if you are planning to buy one without headphone then this is the best one out there.


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